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Mole Control


The mole is found throughout mainland Britain wherever soil conditions allow for tunnelling and foraging for food. Moles live almost entirely underground and are common in grasslands and deciduous woodland but will happily gain access to playing fields, golf courses, cemeteries and gardens. They have a diet of mainly earthworms, but will also eat slugs and insect larvae.


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Moles (Talpa Europaea). 



They live underground through an extensive network of tunnels and they don’t discriminate – you may find them on: 

  • Hereford residential lawns

  • Hereford Hotel grounds

  • Hereford Restaurant grounds

  • Hereford farms

  • Hereford bed and breakfast lawns

  • Hereford school grounds

  • Hereford commercial property grounds


They do not like flooded or dry soil conditions


  • Mating may last for a couple of weeks between March and April

  • The litter size is usually between 2-7

  • The young leave the nest after around 4-5 weeks and must find new territory


Moles are very territorial. Their diet is mainly earthworms but they will also eat insects and small rodents



  • Large earth mounds. 

  • Disturbed grounds / lawns. 

  • You may see them! 


Control Measures 

  • Trapping is possibly the most successful methods (there are a wide variety of traps available)

  • Aluminium phosphides (gassing) is also used but this must be under strict conditions (away from livestock, water courses and humans) and MUST be carried out by a qualified and trained professional