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Take the PGM Pest Test – Part 1

Updated: Mar 31, 2018

Ask yourself these questions:
  • Can you smell a strong musky smell?

  • Can you see droppings and are they confined to certain areas (e.g. around toilets)?

  • Are there gnaw marks on your skirting boards, around doorways, on food stores?

  • Can you see evidence of burrows, holes or well used travelling paths?

Sounds like you’ve got a rat problem!

Ask yourself these questions:
  • Have you found evidence of food being nibbled?

  • Can you see gnaw marks on materials such as wood, paper, cardboard, furniture and cloth?

  • Can you see lots of dropping throughout?

Sounds like you’ve got a mice problem!

Ask yourself these questions:
  • Have you been seeing sluggish flies?

  • Can you hear a low bumbling buzz?

  • Have you noticed your flies late at night when lights are on?

  • Have you seen agitated bouncing around light fittings or close to light bulbs?

  • Is there a fly infestation in your loft?

  • Have you spotted unsightly tiny dark coloured spots of excrement on walls or windows that are difficult to clean off?

Sounds like you’ve got a cluster fly problem!

Ask yourself these questions:
  • Can you see large earth mounds on your property?

  • Are your grounds and lawns disturbed?

  • Sounds like you’ve got a mole problem

If you’re in need of mole removal

Don’t despair! Call the pest experts today, at PGM & Son Herefordshire we’ll give you help, advice and solutions for all your pest problems.

Call today for friendly advice and a free no-obligation quote on 07964 370480

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