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Mouse Control
Herefordshire & Worcestershire

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Mice in your home or business can be very distressing. Avoid risks of disease and damage to your property. Take action and get in touch with PGM & SON Pest Control, we service Hereford and Worcester.

PGM & SON; Mouse Control

Mouse Control Services

The House Mouse, and sometimes the Long-Tailed Field Mouse are found in buildings as they seek the warmth and shelter for nesting sites and food. The House Mouse body length ranges between 60-90mm, and the tail can add 100mm. They weigh less than 25g, and their fur colour varies between light brown and grey.

PGM offers lots of advice and assistance for prevention and proofing works in both domestic and commercial settings.

House Mouse

The house mouse (Mus Domesticas).



They have a tendency to live in a wide range of buildings, for example:

  • Hereford residential properties.

  • Hereford Hotels.

  • Hereford Restaurants.

  • Hereford farms and farmhouses.

  • Hereford bed and breakfasts.

  • Hereford schools.

  • Hereford commercial properties.

  • They will be found in almost any building.



  • The gestation period is 21 days.

  • They will have up to 8 litters per year.

  • They breed throughout the year.

  • The litter size of a mouse is up to 16.

  • The life span is approximately 9-12 months.



  • Evidence of food being nibbled.

  • Gnawing of materials (wood, paper, cardboard, furniture and cloth).

  • Lots of droppings throughout.

  • You may see them!


Control Measures

  • Proofing work.

  • Identification and correction of defective drains and sewers.

  • Removal of food sources.

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