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Pest Control Drone Inspection Service in Herefordshire and Worcestershire

At PGM & Son, we redefine pest control through cutting-edge technology. Introducing our state-of-the-art drone services that elevate your experience and results.

Discover Next-Level Pest Control with Our Cutting-Edge Drone Services

 Efficient Aerial Solutions: Drones for Quick Land Mapping, Damage Detection, and Visual Proof 


Drones offer a swift and efficient solution for land mapping, identifying damage from birds or ground game, and capturing photographic evidence. This process takes only minutes, providing a significant time-saving advantage compared to the time-consuming practice of walking through crops.


Reduce safety hazards and lower assessment costs with our advanced drone technology. Our drones excel in monitoring premises, quickly identifying and resolving issues, ranging from seagull nests causing blockages to potential overflow concerns.


We offer aerial imagery services to detect potential points of pest entry and conducting thorough roof inspections for damages on your property. Moreover, we offer tailored imagery services designed specifically for the needs of estate agents.

PGM & SON Pest Control Drone Services in Herefordshire and Worcestershire


Sky-High Excellence: Transforming Property Inspections with Cutting-Edge Drone Solutions.

Delivering professional drone inspection services, aerial photography, and videography using commercial drones in Herefordshire and Worcestershire. Our fully qualified operators ensure safe and high-quality survey inspections at a fraction of the cost compared to rope access or scaffolding expenses.

Wondering about the practical applications of drone inspections in Herefordshire?

They extend to various areas, including examining roofs for bird control and damages, providing images for insurance quotes and estimates, assessing high-risk areas with limited access for workers, or simply offering peace of mind.

Why Choose PGM & Son for your Pest Control?

We serve various clients, including local authorities, homeowners, property agents, landlords, local businesses, councils, and schools

Our award winning pest control team provides complimentary expert advice on a wide range of pest-related issues. All you have to do is call.

Feel free to reach out to us for information on how our specialists can assist you. Contact us today to access professional services and take advantage of our 24-hour call-out services when needed. Click the button below to get through to our office for a free quote addressing your pest problems.

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Our commitment to excellence sets us apart. At PGM & Son, we blend cutting-edge technology with expertise to redefine property inspections. Choose us for unparalleled precision, efficiency, and a commitment to delivering results that exceed expectations. Our skilled team, approved by the British Pest Control Association, ensures safety and quality, providing a seamless experience.

Philip Martin, Director.

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