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Environmentally Friendly Technology 

Our family & pet friendly technologies have made PGM & SON a leader in environmentally friendly pest control.  We are redefining the industry.

100% Guaranteed!

We stand by our service and guarantee you'll be satisfied with our service. Every pest infestation is different though. If activity persists between regular services, let us know and we'll come back to see why the problem persists and how we can resolve matters for you.

Our response time is usually within 24-48 hours and we also work late evenings and Saturdays so we can usually accommodate your requirements. It's no wonder customers stay happy.

We're a service company that's dedicated to the service part. We strive to treat each customer's home better than if it were our own.


Green Pest Control

At PGM & Son we believe in having a minimal impact on the environment in everything we do.

This includes our technician route planning, fuel efficient vehicles, paperless billing, and most importantly the products we use to treat pest infestations. 

Many of the products we use have a minimal impact on the environment while increasing effectiveness.

And, we're keen to educate our customers and assist with proofing and preventative works to minimise the effect on the environment, your home, wildlife and other non target species. That's got to be a good thing!!

Family & Pet Friendly Technology

PGM & Son customers have peace of mind knowing our family and pet friendly technologies will protect their home, family and the surrounding environment. Our Pest Control Technician is also more than happy to answer all your questions and concerns about our products and how to ensure the safety of your loved ones while our products are working against the pests.

Customer Service

You will receive professional customer service during your entire PGM & SON experience. From our initial quote to the eradication of your pest problems and any ongoing preventative works and treatments you will that we are highly trained experts that are always pleasant to work with.

Our office is open from 8am till 8pm - 01981 241334.

24 hour call out - 07964 370480.

The PGM & SON Team

Get in touch

Pests making life difficult? 
Contact us today and we'll take care of your pest problems. 

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