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Carpet Beetle


Causes of infestation may be something as simple as a dead rodent between the walls of your home / building. Mummified corpses of rats and mice attract fur and leather beetles. Always remove dead birds and rodents when found (e.g. in chimneys, under floorboards and in loft spaces). Dry pet food can also attract carpet beetle and lint, hair and other detritus provide both food and shelter and are the perfect breeding ground.

Carpet Beetle (anthrenus verbasci)


The carpet beetle is common to Great Britain.

  • Found in birds’ nests, domestic premises and commercial premises such as museums

  • Damage is down by the larvae

  • Larvae feed on fabrics, curtains, carpets, clothes, furs and stuffed animals

  • Adults are harmless



  • The life cycle is egg – larvae – pupa – adult

  • Females can lay up to 100 eggs

  • They hatch in 10 days to 1 month

  • The larvae are up to 5mm and have a banded appearance

  • Commonly known as ‘woolly bears’ due to being covered in short bristles

  • They have 5 moults and taken several months to develop

  • Pupae develop in 10 days inside the larval skin among larval food

  • Adults are around 2-3mm and can fly

  • They are orange and black in colour

  • They feed on pollen and nectar

Control Measures

  • Check for birds’ nests

  • Vacuum any cracks and crevices

  • Spray residual insecticide on carpets or dust

  • Always treat a small area of carpet, rug or fabric first and check for any damage


If you need help getting rid of your carpet beetle problem call PGM & Son Herefordshire to help.