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Carpet Moth Control
Herefordshire & Worcestershire

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Professional carpet moth infestation control and fumigation throughout Hereford and Worcester. We are your local award winning pest control team, onhand to give you expert advice on all pests, call us today on 01981 540088.

Carpet Moth Control Hereford

Professional Carpet Moth Eradication

If you notice small balding patches in the corners and at the edges of your carpets, the chances are that you have an infestation of carpet moths. This is a problem that needs immediate attention because it will continue to get worse. A mated female carpet moth can lay around 200 eggs in her short adult life and an infestation can very quickly get out of hand. Carpet moths are stubborn when it comes to leaving your home!

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Using a professional pest management company is recommended when dealing with Carpet Moths.

The Common Clothes Moth (tineola bisselliella)


This is a common pest found worldwide expect in tropical climates. 

The larva feeds on fabrics, furs and feather products including woollen clothing, upholstery and carpets


  • The life cycle is egg – larvae – pupa – adult

  • Eggs are laid in suitable larvae food such as among clothes or in carpet fibres

  • They hatch in 1-5 weeks in temperatures above 10 degrees

  • The larva is white in colour

  • They form silk tunnels and camouflage them with fibres

  • Feed at night

  • Hide during daylight

  • They develop in 2-7 months

  • Pupae develop between 2 weeks to 2 months

  • Adults are small, light in colour

  • Females do not fly but the males occasionally do

  • They do not feed when adult and are short lived; the damage is done at larva stage

Carpet Moth Control Measures

  • Good hygiene must be promoted.

  • As the clothes moth can be difficult to control, if you are experiencing a problem the best course of action is to call a professional pest controller for advice and to discuss solutions with you.  

If you need help getting rid of your clothes’ moth problem call us today for a quote.

Why choose our Carpet Moth Control Service?


Expertise: PGM & SON are qualified pest control professionals with extensive training and experience in dealing with carpet moths and other pests, we use the latest methods and technologies to effectively eliminate them.


Safe and Effective Treatment: As pest management professionals we use safe and effective treatments that are specifically designed to get rid of carpet moths, without causing harm to humans, pets, or the environment. We have access to the latest products and treatments that are not available to the general public.


Thorough Inspection: We will conduct a thorough inspection of your home to identify the source of the infestation and the extent of the damage. This information is used to develop a customised treatment plan that is tailored to your specific needs.


Efficient and Convenient: Hiring us can save you time and effort, as pest professionals, we will take care of everything from start to finish. You can simply relax and let us handle the problem, without having to worry about the hassle of doing it yourself.


Guaranteed Results: Professional pest management companies typically offer a satisfaction guarantee, which means that if the carpet moths return after treatment, they will re-treat your home at no additional cost. This gives you peace of mind knowing that the problem will be taken care of effectively.

Choosing a professional pest management company is an effective and convenient way to get rid of carpet moths, and it provides peace of mind knowing that the problem will be taken care of effectively and efficiently. Get in touch today for a free quote.

PGM & SON are experts in pest control and property care solutions for homes and businesses across Herefordshire and Worcestershire. Our qualified, award winning, local technicians are on call 7 days a week to keep your home and business protected. Let us solve your pest problem, get in touch today!

From prevention and protection to removal and elimination.

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Carpet Moth Control in Hereford and Worcester

PGM & SON Pest Control take pride in providing the highest standard of pest control throughout Herefordshire and Worcestershire.


We are a well-established, well-respected company, and our friendly, professional approach to pest control has helped establish our reputation as one of the most trusted companies in the industry.


FAQ about carpet moths

Frequently Asked Questions
about Carpet Moths

What are carpet moths and how do they damage carpets?

Carpet moths are small insects that are known to damage carpets, clothing, and other textiles made from natural fibers like wool, silk, and feathers. They lay their eggs in these materials, and when the larvae hatch, they feed on the fibers, causing holes and weakening the fabric. In the UK, the two most common types of carpet moths are the common clothes moth (Tineola bisselliella) and the case-bearing clothes moth (Tinea pellionella).

How do I know if I have a carpet moth infestation?

There are several signs that you may have a carpet moth infestation in your home. You may notice small holes in your carpets, clothing, or other textiles. You may also see tiny moths or larvae, which look like small, white worms. You may also see small, silken tubes or cocoons on or near the affected materials.

What is the most effective ways to get rid of carpet moths?

The most effective way to get rid of carpet moths is to clean and vacuum your home thoroughly, especially in areas where they are commonly found like closets and storage areas. You should also wash or dry-clean any clothing or textiles that have been infested, and store them in airtight containers. You can also use insecticides or moth traps to kill the moths and their larvae, but it's important to follow the instructions carefully, especially if you have pets.

Can carpet moths cause health problems?

Carpet moths do not cause any direct health problems, but the larvae may trigger allergies in some people, especially if they have a dust mite allergy. In addition, the larvae may release a substance that can cause skin irritation in some individuals.

How can I prevent carpet moths from returning?

To prevent carpet moths from returning, it's important to keep your home clean and free of food and water sources for the moths. This means vacuum regularly, clean up spills and food crumbs, and store food in airtight containers. You should also store clothing and textiles in airtight containers, or use moth repellent sachets to protect them.

Can I use mothballs to get rid of carpet moths?

Mothballs can be used to get rid of carpet moths, but it's important to use them carefully, as they can be toxic to humans and pets. You should never use mothballs in areas where people or pets spend a lot of time, and always follow the instructions carefully.

How do I clean and treat my carpets after a carpet moth infestation?

To clean and treat your carpets after a carpet moth infestation, you should vacuum thoroughly and then use an insecticide specifically designed for carpet moths. You can also use steam cleaning or hot water extraction to kill the moths and their larvae.

How do I protect my carpets and textiles from carpet moths?

To protect your clothes and other textiles from carpet moths, you should store them in airtight containers or use moth repellent sachets. You should also wash or dry-clean them regularly, especially before storing them.

Can I use natural methods to get rid of carpet moths?

Yes, you can use natural methods to get rid of carpet moths, such as cedarwood or lavender sachets, or essential oils like eucalyptus or tea tree oil. However, it's important to keep in mind that natural methods may not be as effective as insecticides or moth traps, and you may need to use a combination of methods for best results.

How much does it cost to hire a pest control professional to get rid of carpet moths?

The cost of hiring a professional to get rid of carpet moths can vary depending on the extent of the infestation, the size of your home, and the type of treatment used. On average, you can expect to pay between £100 and £300 for a professional carpet moth treatment, but prices can be higher or lower depending on your specific needs. It's always best to get multiple quotes from different pest control companies to compare prices and find the best deal.

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