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Commercial Pest Control Services
Herefordshire & Worcestershire

PGM & SON Pest Control; British Pest Control Association Member

PGM & SON are the largest commercial pest control company serving Hereford and Worcester. We are committed to supporting businesses with effective pest management treatments to mitigate pest risks.

We remove rodent - bird - wildlife guano and urine to create a disease-free environment

What our Commercial Pest Control Services can offer your business

  • Pest survey.

  • Customised commercial pest treatment plan.

  • We conduct pest removal services with minimal impact to your daily business operations.

  • We only use safe and environmentally-friendly pest removal practices to avoid site contamination. 

  • Advice on preventative measures.

  • Proofing works (both advice and quote for works).

  • End of tenancy fumigation service for residential and council properties.

Call us now and speak to an expert

PGM & SON offers commercial businesses, offices, warehouses, restaurants, hotels, clubs, pubs, schools and hospitals a full range of pest management options tailored to suit the needs of any business. Our aim is to resolve your pest control problem as quickly as possible whilst minimising disruption to your business operations.

Our integrated commercial pest treatment solution will help you remove Rats, Termites, Cockroaches and other pests from your commercial space.

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Why Choose PGM for your Commercial Pest Control ?

Comply with current legislation and strict health & safety guidelines 

Fully qualified, professional and trustworthy

Fully insured, £5 million + Liability Insurance

Award Winning BPCA and NTPA Approved technicians

24 Hour Service

Our commercial pest control checklist ensures we deliver quality, effective and long-term vermin solution.
When you have a pest problem, it is our responsibility to ensure you have a responsible, reliable and trustworthy pest management in place that won’t let you down.

We currently service the following industries throughout Herefordshire and Worcestershire:
food establishments, hospitality, schools, retail shops, offices, hotels, warehousing, clubs, pubs, restaurants, farms, stables, food and animal feed manufacturers, factories, housing estates, flats, waste incinerators, rubbish tips and more.

Our mission is to protect your business from any unwanted pests

The Importance of Proactive Commercial Pest Control Treatments 

Pest infestation can occur in any location regardless if it is a commercial or industrial business.

Pest infestation is one of the major problems encountered any industry, be it food, hospitality, schools, retail, corporate offices, warehousing and more.

When there are pests close by, the daily business operations will be affected, causing loss of revenue, drop in the number of customers, and possibly penalties or fines.

In order to avoid any unnecessary business losses, you need to invest in commercial pest control.

One of the most important reasons why businesses prefer to use commercial pest management services is the need to maintain a completely clean and healthy business environment.

For example, in a restaurant, it would be very difficult and unsafe to do any kind of business activities where cockroaches or rats are running around.

Similarly, it would be extremely dangerous and harmful if you operate a childcare facility and have pests that can harm children through bites or contamination through waste matter.

If you happen to spot any rats, cockroaches, flies or any other pests within the premises of your business establishment it is advisable to remove the unwanted pests as soon as possible. 

PGM & SON; The importance of commercial pest control treatments

We're keen to educate our customers and assist with proofing and preventative works to minimise the effect on the environment, your business, wildlife and other non target species.
And that's got to be a good thing!!

Pest Control Consultants

We consult and advise on any of the following:

  • Complying with the requirements of third party audits

  • Controlling a particular pest species

  • Identifying pests and the damage they cause

  • Cost-effective ways to improve pest control practices

  • The best pest defence systems

  • An improved hygiene regime

Our customers are from the food industry, restaurants and cafes, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, packing plants, construction and many other industries so there are very few pest problems we haven’t seen and dealt with.


Pest Control Maintenance Services

By selecting our professional service for your commercial pest control, we recommend 4-12 week  pest treatment intervals that includes the following:

  • On-site pest treatment documentation.

  • Inspection and treatment of commercial premises.

  • Record our pest inspection findings.

  • Pest solution action taken and recommendations.

PGM Pest Control | Commercial Services
Maintenane services

Removal of Contaminated Waste

We also offer pest waste cleaning, removal and disposal services. If you've had a pest infestation in your business, treatment for the pest may not be the only solution. We offer a wide range of pest control services to meet your needs. Our team of pest control experts specialise in the safe removal of contaminated waste and ensure a clean and pest-free environment for our clients.

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A pest infestation can result in a lot of mess, including pest urine and faeces, pest corpses / dead animals, potential disease and, quite often, a very strong and unpleasant smell. 

For example, if you've dead animals or pest mess we can clean the area hygienically for you, remove any mess and pest corpses and dispose of them safely for you to allow you to carry on with business as normal.
We’ll clear your pest waste for you, disinfecting the area so it’s good for you to use again.

PGM & SON is registered as an upper tier waste carrier, broker and dealer under the Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2011. So, we can remove your pest waste safely for you.


Trust us to rid your business of unwanted pests

"Joe, and the whole PGM team, are excellent and highly responsive. We use them at work, a mixed rambling establishment of houses, offices, sheds, a guesthouse and a monastery: they always come quickly when called out, identify the problem, deal with it and come back to check a few days later. They also provide a regular check which more than satisfies the local council's requirements."

Eddie Eckstein

Trustpilot Review

Long Term Benefits of using a Commercial Pest Controller for your Business

Once you have used our commercial pest treatment services, you will not only strengthen your credibility as a safe and clean environment where customers can visit and do business with you, but you will also prevent any additional structural damage to the facilities as many pests tend to cause damage to property that may sometimes result in the need for costly repairs.

With a regular commercial pest solution regime, you will not only provide a healthier environment for customers and staff, but long term you will also have fewer building repairs and operating expenses.
Having taken precautions to prevent against insect infestations, you will be able to focus on the more important tasks in your life such as growing your business, keeping customers happy and ensuring your storage area, kitchen and work area are free of disease spreading pests.
Whether it’s protecting hospitals, warehouses, restaurants, shops, museums, offices, food processing plants, schools, GP surgeries, pubs, cafes and many more businesses from a wide variety of pests, at PGM & SON Pest Control Herefordshire we can help.

We are licensed pest controllers aiming to provide a one stop service to our customers. Whether it be cockroach infestations, woodworm damage, rats & mice hiding in difficult to reach areas we are able to help.

Benefits of pest control
PGM & SON | Commercial Pest Management
The PGM Team

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