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PGM and Son, pest control services throughout Herefordshire and Worcestershire.

Herefordshire and Worcestershire
Award Winning Pest Control Services

 Tired of Sharing Your Space with Unwanted Pests? 

Our expert team uses safe, effective solutions to eliminate your pest problems quickly and efficiently. From wasps to rodents, we've got you covered.

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PGM and Son is a member of the British Pest Control Association (BPCA) – the trade body for the pest management industry in the UK.

PGM & SON Pest Control Logo

Our member's logo is earned and we’re proud to display it because membership is a sign of professionalism and a mark of quality.

BPCA promotes best practice and being part of the organisation provides independent proof that we’re committed to excellence in every part of our business.

Let our BPCA and NPTA certified and award winning pest controllers help you with your pest control today

✔ Putting our customers first is the key to our exceptional service

✔ Local & family owned 

✔ We bring family values to our business

✔ Our local presence enables quick response time

✔ Animal welfare is high on our agenda

✔ Operating a fair pricing policy

✔ Abide by strict health & safety guidelines

​✔ Fully qualified, professional and trustworthy

✔ Fully insured, £5 million+ Liability Insurance

✔ 100% Qualified Staff

Get to Know Us

Because we’re a local, family run business we genuinely care about our community. Residents of Hereford and Worcester who deal with PGM & SON recognise this in their support of our business by coming back to us in future and referring us to others. All our technicians are highly trained and certified pest controllers.


We don’t just offer pest control treatments, we offer preventative advice and solutions and, importantly, we give customers our time – a rare commodity in this day and age! 

PGM & SON are market leaders in pest control solutions across Herefordshire and Worcestershire. Our compassionate approach to our environment ensures we have a local presence nearby, supporting our residential and commercial customers with their pest control needs. Some of the types of pests we are experts at dealing with includes; wasps, bed bugs, flies, fleas, moths, silverfish, textile pests and rodents.

We offer advice and assistance with pest preventative measures. We won't charge a fee until we've agreed a price with you - there's no hidden charges with PGM & SON. 

PGM & SON Pest Control | Hereford | Worcester

Professional Pest Control For Your Home

Out of sight doesn't always mean out of mind.
From bed bugs and ants to cockroaches and rats, it can be hard to see where pests are hiding.
But pests are a serious problem that can be damaging to your home, or worse, your health.

Our technicians give peace of mind by expertly helping you remove unwanted pests from your home
– ensuring they don't come back.

"Pests are our passion,
we follow the CRRU Code of Best Practice"

Are you looking for the best and affordable Pest Control Company in Hereford or Worcester? We provide the most effective pest control treatments to eliminate any pest problem for residential and commercial properties.

Our team are trained and certified to protect your home or business from any pest. Why have pests if you can prevent them?

We abide by strict industry codes of best practice

PGM & SON Pest Control | Hereford | Worcester

Let us help keep your property rodent free

Our expert rodent proofing BPCA technicians have a range of knowledge when it comes to dealing with different kinds of rodents and have experience of dealing with multiple different customer types such as businesses, residential properties, offices, restaurants and more.


We can provide you with a professional rodent proofing service which is both safe and legally compliant, which is why are the number one choice in pest control throughout Herefordshire and Worcestershire. 

Improving public health through proactive pest control

PGM & SON Pest Control | Hereford | Worcester | Rat Nest Control Removal Extermination

Our Commercial Pest Control Contracts are tailored to suit individual businesses and pest issues. We offer a number of pest control solutions for greater flexibility for all types of businesses and start-ups searching for cost effective, professional pest control services and environmentally friendly solutions. 

We provide an educational and prevention strategy. 

The Right People.
The Right Solutions. 

PGM & SON Pest Control | Hereford & Worcester
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