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Woodworm Infestation Control


Should you notice any of the following signs, you may have a woodworm problem: Small circular holes in woodwork A powder like dust around these holes Crumbly edges to boards and joists Adult beetles emerging from the holes or present in window sills and other surfaces around the house Should you notice any of these signs, it is important you call us at your earliest convenience for a free site survey.

Woodworm Infestation 

Woodworm infests structural and furniture wood based on the type, age, moisture content and availability of wood. All homes or businesses constructed of natural wood are at risk to woodworm infestations.

Here are some helpful facts about woodworm:

  • Adult beetles lay their eggs in cracks in wood. Outdoors this isn’t much of a problem, but inside your property they might infest floorboards, furniture, wooden beams and any other wooden objects.

  • Larvae burrow deep into the wood where they feed – and in the process make a maze of tunnels over several years.


If you don’t have specialist woodworm control the larvae can seriously weaken the wood in a building. If left untreated, this may lead to structural failures. Left untreated, woodworm have the potential to develop into a serious issue, ruining floors and furniture. We strongly recommend that a professional woodworm inspection is carried out if you think you may have identified the signs of a woodworm problem.

As your local Hereford pest control experts, we have the experience and technical expertise to provide the best woodworm control solutions in the industry. Our experts recognise the different types of woodworm and offer precisely targeted treatment to sort out the problem quickly – and for good.