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Cluster Flies on the Rise?

As the cluster fly season advances across Hereford and the Wye Valley, at PGM & Son Positive Pest Control Hereford, we offer advice and solutions for your cluster fly problems.

These insects are called cluster flies because of the way they form clusters when they hibernate. Frequently, they cluster in very large numbers. Although they don't bite they are a nuisance because of the volumes in which they congregate in properties to hibernate over the winter period.

Often found in upper rooms in houses and loft spaces, the cluster fly is mainly found in rural areas due to their life cycle. In the Summer they live and feed in the fields so do not normally cause a problem. They are parasitic on earthworms and their larvae live in the soil. Emerging as adults at the end of the Summer period, they hibernate in dry sheltered areas.

You will often come across them congregating in large numbers on the outside of buildings especially on south-facing sunny walls. When the temperatures start to drop they tend to crawl into crevices for shelter sometimes through window frames but also often under the eaves or fascia boards into the roof space.

If you don't want to share your property with swarms of flies or your business is putting off customers with a cluster fly problem, call PGM & Son on 01981 241334 or email us at

Need cluster busters? Want help getting rid of your cluster flies? Looking for cluster flies pest control?

PGM & Son Hereford can offer advice and solutions - call today for a no-obligation chat.

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