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Updated: Jan 6, 2023

Why are some animals associated with Halloween and pest control?

Rats have been long feared. Known to infest abandoned, filthy, run-down places rats were associated with plagues and epidemics in times gone by. In fact, rats were blamed for the Black Death plague across Europe in the 14th and 17th centuries although more recent studies suggest that they might not have been responsible after all.

Do Rats carry diseases?

Rats carry diseases, some-times very serious and potentially fatal diseases so naturally people are fearful of the rat.

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However, in modern times rats continue to cause problems and rats are up there with wasps as the UK’s most nuisance pest.

Experiencing a rat problem in Hereford? Need rat control in Worcester?

Get in touch with PGM & Son Rodent Control Herefordshire and Worcestershire at or call us on 01981 540088 or drop us an email at for all your Rat Control needs.

Are rats scaring you this halloween?


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PGM & SON Pest Control


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