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Did you know that it’s Asian Hornet Week from 9th September to 15th September?

So, we’re calling on Herefordshire residents to watch out for hornets this month and to report any sightings to us at PGM & Son Hornet Control Hereford or to the Non-Native Species Secretariat at:

Why is the Asian Hornet Trouble with a capital T?

Although the Asian hornet doesn’t pose any greater risk to humans than their European cousin, they pose a serious threat to honey-bee populations. They cause major damage to honey-bee colonies and you know how WE LOVE OUR BEES AT PGM PEST CONTROL!


The European Hornet

The European Hornet is Mother Nature’s pest controller. They feed on aphids, which makes them a gardener’s dream and the European hornet is an important pollinator. Despite their fearsome appearance the hornet isn’t actually an aggressive pest. Hornets are quite shy insects and, away from their nest, it’s very rare to encounter a run-in with a hornet.

Hornets are also relatively uncommon.

Spotting a Hornet

  • Hornets are big, much bigger than the common wasp and due to their size and features their appearance can be alarming.

  • They also make a very loud buzzing noise which can be quite frightening, particularly near a hornet nest.

  • Hornets can sting multiple times and, due to the level of venom they carry a single sting can be extremely painful.

If you’re not sure you’ve spotted a hornet, take a photo and email it to us at

What should you do if you spot a hornet’s nest?

If you’ve found a hornet’s nest you should call a professional pest controller like PGM & Son Hornet Control Hereford to give you advice. Unlike the girl who kicked the hornet’s nest in author Steig Larsson’s novel our advice is NEVER APPROACH OR TOUCH OR ATTEMPT TO MOVE A HORNETS’ NEST YOURSELF.


If you’ve got a hornet nest, don’t panic – call PGM & SON Pest Control Herefordshire today on 01981 241334 or 07964 370480. Or, visit our website at We’ll get rid of hornets for you, treat hornets’ nests and destroy and remove hornets’ nests for you.

And we don’t just stop at tackling hornets’ nests – give us a call if you’ve got a wasp problem or any other pest problem for that matter!



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