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Flea Problem? Need help getting rid of Fleas?

Dog is man’s best friend. However, its regular companion, the Flea, is most certainly not man’s best friend. And, dogs aren’t the only ones fleas love to inhabit; they do love a good cat too!

They’ll also find a good hosting companion in other hairy animals such as rabbits, badgers and foxes. And if your pets have got fleas, chances are you’re going to suffer as well. Fleas account for more than half of all dermatological conditions requiring veterinary attention and a flea bite can cause intense itching and irritation.

Fleas love hot and humid conditions and with the changes in climate, we’re starting to see their numbers rise particularly around this time of the year.

Spotting the signs of a flea infestation

Look out for flea droppings on pets – you can see black droppings if you brush back the hair. Brushing over a white sheet will help.

Check your carpets and furniture for any jumping fleas.

Watch out for pets scratching and any humans with bites to their ankles.

Treating a flea infestation

Getting rid of fleas can be a frustrating and costly process. This is where we come in, PGM & Son Flea Control Hereford will rid you of your fleas; we carry out flea control and other pest control in residential, agricultural and commercial businesses and we also carry out end of tenancy fumigations too.

Hereford letting agents, if your clients need end of tenancy fumigations call PGM & SON End of Tenancy Fumigation Services Hereford.

Of course you can always try and treat the problem yourself but we find that customers who’ve tried this approach haven’t been successful. Treating a pet alone is not sufficient as the fleas will normally be living in household furniture, bedding and carpets. So, although you’ve treated your pet, the problem will return.

And fleas, like a lot of other pests, are showing signs of becoming immune to shop bought treatments and powders.

Call the pest control professionals to rid you of your flea problem once and for all.

You can email PGM & Son Pest Control Hereford at contact@pgmpestcontrol.co.uk or call us on 01981 241334 / 07964 370480 or use our contact us page on the website for a free no-obligation quote.

Ridding a home of fleas can be a frustrating and costly endeavor. Unlike some pests encountered around the home, fleas cause discomfort and irritation to both pets and people. They account for more than half of all dermatological conditions requiring veterinary assistance, and even a single flea bite to a hypersensitive animal or person may cause intense itching and irritation. It would be a grave mistake to think of the flea as simply a nuisance.

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