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Having a problem with Cockroaches? We’ve got Hereford covered!

As the Winter cold sets in and the heating cranks up, another Winter pest starts causing a problem. This week our featured pest in Hereford is the cockroach.



  1. Disease. Cockroaches carry diseases which can cause serious illnesses to humans such as food poisoning, salmonella and streptococcus. These diseases are harmful to humans.

  2. Hygiene. Cockroaches move to human habitats through sewers and drains, contaminating everything they come into contact with which includes food, food preparation surfaces and crockery and utensils. They also emit partially digested food stuffs and faeces whilst on the move. Not a pleasant thought!

  3. Reputation. Cockroaches pose a reputational risk for Hereford businesses and particularly those which operate in the food and drink sector. In the age of social media, images of businesses’ premises circulate rapidly and widely across the internet which can cause irreparable damage to a Hereford company’s reputation. No-one wants to share their dinner with a cockroach!

  4. Financial. Following on from reason number 3, loss of customers results in a financial impact to a business. It is essential customers have confidence in the hygiene measures in place particularly in food and drink establishments.

  5. Enforcement. Linked to reasons 3 & 4, Environmental Health Officers can, and do, issue enforcement notices to Hereford owners of businesses who do not have adequate pest management processes in place and if you’re found to have a pest problem you can usually expect to receive a fine. If you’re found to have repeated issues you may also face legal action. The range of legal powers affecting health and safety enforcement is very wide. Bans, fines and prosecutions are serious matters.

Professional pest controllers have the experience and the know-how to treat a cockroach problem.

Let’s take a look at where cockroaches like to hide:

  • Inside buildings. Cockroaches don’t, as a rule, like the British climate. Some species can be found outdoors but most are usually found inside.

  • By warm motors such as the back of ovens and fridges. The German cockroach tends to prefer hotter, humid conditions and so these are prime spots.

  • Cool, damp areas like cellars, drains, basements. The Oriental cockroach is a lover of cool and damp places so check out these areas for signs of them.

  • Food and water sources and dark spaces.

  • Other areas to be vigilant around are bathrooms (behind sinks, showers and baths); around pipes and laundry appliances especially tumble driers. Heating ducts and boiler rooms are great places for cockroaches to harbour. Pay attention in accommodation where heating is shared such as multiple occupancy buildings.

Squeamish Cockroach fact

Cockroaches are omnivorous and they have been known to eat human flesh! However, fear not as it is extremely rare for cockroaches to bite humans. Whew!

Need to get rid of Cockroaches in Hereford?

Whilst there are DIY products that can be used to treat cockroaches, we find that they are rarely successful. This is normally because cockroaches are sturdy little characters.

Professional pest controllers have access to treatments not open to the public so they can usually more effectively treat your cockroach problem.


If you have a cockroach problem in Hereford give PGM Pest Control Hereford a call on 01981 241334 or 07964 370480 for a free no-obligation chat.

If you prefer, you can email us at or you can use the live chat facility on our website.

We’re always on the end of the ‘phone for advice so don’t worry about your pest problems, give us a call now.


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