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The last 10 days has seen a mini heat wave across Herefordshire with the Met Office issuing a heat warning to Herefordshire residents and business owners.

As the heat has intensified so has the wasp and hornet season.

The two main hornets we might find in Herefordshire are the Asian hornet and the European hornet.

Asian hornet alert!

Asian hornets don’t pose any greater risk to humans than the European hornet but they do pose a serious threat to honey bee populations.

Asian hornets can, cause major damage to honeybee colonies and that’s not on! As Herefordshire knows, at PGM & Son Pest Control we LOVE OUR BEES #LETTHEMBEE


Hornets are big, much bigger than the common wasp and due to their size and features their appearance can be alarming.

Hornets also make a very loud buzzing noise which can be quite frightening, particularly near a hornet nest.

Hornets can sting multiple times and, due to the level of venom they carry a single hornet sting can be extremely painful.

Some members of the public may have allergies, and these can sometimes cause anaphylaxis which is very serious and requires immediate medical attention.


Yes! Hornets are Mother Nature’s pest controller. Hornets feed on aphids, so they are great for gardeners. Hornets are also important pollinators.

Reasons not to fear Hornets

Despite their fearsome appearance hornets aren’t an aggressive pest. Hornets are quite shy insects and, away from their nest, it’s very rare to encounter a run-in with a hornet.

Hornets are also relatively uncommon.


If you do have a hornets’ nest it is best to call in the professional pest controllers. In Herefordshire call your award-winning pest controllers at PGM & Son Pest Control.

You should never approach or touch a hornets’ nest or attempt to move it. Hornets will attack under threat and professional pest controllers have the training and equipment to deal with hornets.

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