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Rodents or Squirrels? Can you tell which Pest Problem you have?

This week we’re looking at squirrels. Here’s our pointers for checking whether you have a squirrel problem:

  1. Noise – scratching, rustling in attic and wall cavities

  2. Urine – a smelly loft could indicate a squirrel infestation has set in

  3. Doppings – pest controllers can tell the difference between rat, mice and squirrel droppings for you

  4. Damage to your property – holes in vents; torn insulation; problems with electrical wires

  5. Other squirrels in the vicinity – near roofs or high fences

  6. Evidence in the garden – bird feeders knocked over, damaged or disturbed or trees stripped of bark

  7. Gnaw marks on ceilings or woodwork.

  8. Contaminated cold water tanks and loft spaces. Stripped insulation on electrical wiring.


What can you do to avoid a squirrel problem in your home or business?

  • Block gaps and entrance holes

  • Trim trees back especially over hanging branches

  • Seal entry points

  • Remove items stacked against the side of the property

  • Trim dense ivy

Squirrels are fairly strong for their size and also persistent. If the proofing is not secure, then the squirrels may be able to pull it out!

For tree protection, close fitting metal sleeves can protect them from the strong rodent incisors.

A bit about squirrels:

Grey squirrels (Sciurus carolinensis) are invasive pests, not native to the UK.

Because grey squirrels are an invasive pest species, it is against the law to re-release a grey squirrel if it’s been caught alive. This means that any person who catches a grey squirrel alive is legally obliged to humanely dispatch it. As their numbers have increased in the UK, so has the damage they cause. This is where professional pest control comes in.

The grey squirrel is recognised as being in the top worst 100 invasive pest species in the world by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Here in Britain and Europe, is classed as an Invasive Alien Species (IAS) which is any animal that is not native to the UK.

3 Reasons to Control Grey Squirrels:

  1. Potential to damage to your home, business and health

  2. The destruction of UK forests

  3. The impact on our native wildlife, in particular the red squirrel