Loft Clearance, Removal & Disposal of Contaminated Material

- Servicing Herefordshire & Worcestershire -


PGM & SON are specialists in the removal of contaminated loft insulation, pipe lagging, pest corpses and pest feaces such as rat and mouse droppings and bird guano, including disinfection, cleaning and the laying of new insulation and pipe lagging throughout Herefordshire.


Our trained technicians are experienced professionals in dealing with rat infestations, eliminating the cause and cleaning and decontaminating loft spaces, council properties, cellars, outbuildings and commercial sites.

Many of the lofts we visit have poor insulation and most are not worth trying to save, so we believe taking everything out, cleaning up the mess, spraying to remove dangerous germs and diseases, then re-insulating to government recommendations is the best policy.

When pests such as rats, mice, squirrels and birds take up residence in a loft widespread damage is caused to pipe lagging and loft insulation. Diseases such as Psittacosis, Salmonella, from bird pests - such as pigeons - are passed to humans from contact or inhalation and leptospirosis from contact with rat urine. Don't delay, check your loft today!

If you have items that have been infested by rats, mice, cockroaches or bed bugs, then we are able to safely remove these items and dispose of them in the correct manner.  We are also able to remove items that have become contaminated with pigeon mess known as pigeon guano.  We can then provide a full clean of the area if required.

  • We carry out a disinfection with biocide to eradicate all harmful pathogens, bacteria that cause disease.

  • Clean and clear loft of all contaminated loft insulation, damaged pipe lagging and pest feaces and droppings.

  • Lay new loft insulation and renew pipe lagging.


Contact PGM & SON Pest Control Solutions today for your free non-obligation quotation on loft clearance in Hereford.

In addition, and what makes us unique from other pest control companies, is that we offer sanitising and disinfecting services to remove rodent - bird - wildlife urine and droppings to create a disease-free environment for our customers, their families, and their businesses.

Residential, Commercial, and Food Service establishments.