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Rats can be very destructive

Apart from the fact they can eat up to 15% of their body weight every day, they can cause harm to your property, pets and health. Here are our top ten reasons to get rid of a rat problem without delay:

1. Gnawing through electrical wires, causing a fire hazard

2. Gnawing through pipes, causing floods

3. Chewing through insulation, paper, books and other useful items with which to make their nests, causing expensive or irreversible damage

4. Infecting food supplies

5. Endangering your beloved pets: rats attack predators many times their size and your cat, when faced by a pack of rats, will almost certainly face death. They are also disease carriers and spread parasites to cats and dogs

6. Rats carry leptospirosis which can be fatal for humans

7. They can ruin your garden by eating seeds and bulbs

8. Norway rats can even damage the foundations of your property

9. Nesting in ducts (e.g. heating and cooling ducts) lowering the efficiency of your heating/cooling systems and exposing your family or business to harmful germs and bacteria

10. Many insurers won’t cover homeowners for damage caused by rodents

The photo below shows the damage that rats can, and will, do!

To remove rats from unwanted areas, CALL US

we will help you right away!

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