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Are you Googling Wasp Nest Removal in Hereford & Worcester this weekend?

This week we look at why you should only call in a professional wasp control expert to deal with your wasps.

It’s all too easy to try and deal with wasps yourself or to employ the services of a cheap wasp control removal service but what’s the problem with these approaches?

DIY Wasp Control

Treating a wasps’ nest can be very dangerous. If wasps inside the nest feel threatened, they can become very aggressive and will defend their nest forcefully which can result in multiple, painful stings. Whilst a bee will die after one sting, a wasp continues to live and sting again.

So DIY Wasp Control is not recommended to keep you and your family, friends and customers safe!

Top three reasons why you should use a professional pest controller to treat your wasps’ nests:

  1. Pest controllers are trained to high standards to treat a wasp nest safely.

  2. Pest controllers have access to pesticides not available to the public which can treat a wasp nest quickly, safely and without risk to non-target species.

  3. Pest controllers use special equipment and personal protective suits to reduce the risk of them getting stung.

Treating a wasp nest with DIY products yourself is not recommended. DIY treatments rarely work and it is dangerous to treat a wasp nest. Multiple stings could be fatal so it’s important to call in professionals. NEVER try to treat a wasps’ nest if you are allergic to stings.

Why we don’t remove a Wasp Nest.

Wasps will leave their nests after Summer, and they don’t return to it the next year so it’s usually not necessary to remove a wasp nest.

If you want to remove your wasp nest, it’s best to wait until the Winter when you are certain there are no live wasps. If your nest was treated with a pesticide you should make sure you wear protective clothing and gloves to remove it.

A pest controller can remove a nest for you, if it is necessary, although it usually incurs an additional cost to do so.

If you have wasps, it’s always best to call in a professional pest controller. Wasps can hurt you if they are disturbed so call in a professional pest controller to treat your wasps’ nest.

A professional wasp control expert should be able to show you their:

  •  Qualifications

  •  Trade body membership

  •  Public liability insurance


Check your pest controller is fully qualified before you get them to treat your wasps’ nest.

If you have got a wasp problem, it’s usually best to call in the professionals. For all your wasp problems give PGM & Son Pest Control Hereford and Worcester a call on 01981 540088 or 07964 370480 for a free no-obligation chat.

If you prefer, you can email us at or use the live chat facility on our website and if we’re not available on the live chat for any reason then there’s a handy message service for you to leave your details so we can call you back.


We’re always on the end of the ‘phone for advice

so don’t worry about your wasp problems, give us a call!


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