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Green Pest Control – How to be Pest Aware

What does Integrated Pest Management mean?

Integrated pest management involves the use of proactive measures to minimise, and even remove, the risk of pest infestations. By adopting a proactive integrated pest management approach, it’s possible to work towards a pesticide-free pest control meaning that many pest problems can be reduced or even completely eliminated.

The BPCA defines Integrated Pest Management as a sustainable approach to managing pests by combining biological, cultural, physical and chemical tools in a way that minimise economic, health and environmental risks.

What is the benefit of Integrated Pest Management?

Pest prevention is better than cure. It adopts approaches with minimum use of chemicals resulting in less risk to non-target species and low environmental impact.

What is Green Pest Control all about?

We define green pest control as the use of chemical as a last resort approach. Unfortunately, all too often, we find a pest problem has got completely out of hand either because clients have tried DIY methods without success, or because they haven’t faced the problem early enough.

This can be for several reasons, such as:

  • Shame – it is common for people to feel embarrassed about a pest problem and this is quite a normal reaction. However, in many cases, pest infestations can be caused by external factors. Pest controllers are used to hearing reports of pests so no-one should feel embarrassed or ashamed to own up to a pest problem. Once a pest problem has been reported, your pest controller can work with you to eradicate the problem and ensure it won’t happen again.

  • Cost – often people think a pest problem will be costly to resolve and this can be true if left untreated. An untreated pest problem may create significant additional costs where a pest infestation has increased significantly, or the pest has caused other damage to property. For example, mice can cause electrical damage by gnawing on wires and wood boring insects can cause structural damage by boring through joists.

  • Reluctance – some businesses in particular may be reluctant to report a pest problem because of perceived damage to business interests such as having to close their business for a period to treat the problem or inviting attention from Environmental Health. However, leaving a pest problem untreated can cause significant additional damage to a business including loss of revenue, reputational damage and, at the worst-case scenario, closure and fines for breaches of public health laws.


There are several green control methods that can be used, some examples include:

  1. Physical Control - The most efficient and green control method is to keep the pests out in the first place. Use of methods such as fitting fly screens to reduce flying insect ingress is an example of a physical control measure.

  2. External proofing - Preservation of the exterior of a site is essential to green pest control. For example, installing discreet netting to prevent bird guano from building up in gutters and downpipes.

  3. Non-toxic treatments - Rodents can be controlled by use of non-toxic methods such as monitoring bait for early identification of a problem or by use of trapping to avoid the harmful effects of toxic bait to the environment or non-target species.

  4. Heat and cold - Heat and cold controls can be used effectively for insect infestations, for example, bedbugs.

Integrated Pest Management will not work unless there is active buy in from both the pest controller and the client.

Pest control must be given a high level of importance. It should be seen as a protection to a business and not a lower priority.


“In my experience, the main reason for failure in controlling an infestation is lack of client awareness of their responsibilities. Many building owners assume they simply hire a contractor to deal with the problem, but change must come from within as well.” Dee Ward Thompson, BPCA Technical Manager


The key message is: #ControlNOTEradicate

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