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Pest Control; A Dying Trade? The shocking truth about the UK's labour shortage crisis

Pest Control; A Dying Trade? The shocking truth about the UK's labour shortage crisis

Pest Control – A Dying Trade?

This week, we're taking a look at the UK's labour shortage situation and what it means for the future of pest control services.


Key takeaway

The pest control industry is facing a shortage of skilled tradespeople, which is impacting the quality of services provided to customers. To address this issue, it's important to promote the value of skilled trades in pest control and create initiatives that support the growth of skilled trades in the industry. Offering competitive career opportunities, training programs, and mentorship can help attract more young people to the field and build a strong, sustainable workforce for the future.


Why the Uni Culture is Leaving Skilled Trades in the UK with a Labour Shortage

The demand for skilled tradespeople is dying out as a “Uni” culture in the UK leaves skilled trades with a labour shortage and demand for skilled tradespeople high.

But a University education no longer guarantees better job prospects or a higher salary and can actually present hurdles for employment.

Why the Uni Culture is Leaving Skilled Trades in the UK with a Labour Shortage

According to Prospects, part of Jisc, a survey highlighted that 96% of University respondents said they faced barriers when looking for jobs or apprenticeships.

University students said that having the required work experience was their biggest barrier, followed by a lack of opportunities to apply for and having the necessary skills.

Conversely, apprenticeship students have gained valuable work skills and experience well before their peers in higher education by their early 20s meaning that they are ahead of the game well before their school counterparts.

Why are young people not joining the pest control industry?

According to one graduate service technician speaking at the BPCA 80th anniversary parliamentary reception at the House of Commons her experience is that “Sometimes when they first meet me, customers say that because I’m young, I’m inexperienced and, therefore, incapable of solving their problems,” she said.

But that’s so wrong!

Pest Control is a highly skilled trade

Pest controllers must pass qualifications to be able to purchase and use professional poisons and chemicals.

Reputable pest controllers will pass a Level 2 qualification in pest management set by the Royal Society for Public Health and carry out a minimum level of continuous professional development each year to maintain skills and knowledge.

PGM & SON; Pest Control is a highly skilled trade

Many pest controllers go onto achieve advanced and specialist qualifications as well and follow Codes of Conduct from professional trade bodies.

Pest controllers learn practical skills on the job through apprenticeships and mentoring schemes and shadowing more experienced pest controllers.

Those thinking of a career in pest control shouldn’t be put off – everyone must start from the beginning!

The Importance of Skilled Trades in Pest Control and How to Attract the Next Generation

Like other tradespeople such as electricians, plumbers, carpenters, bricklayers, stonemasons and many more, pest controllers face a dying trades crisis as a “Uni” culture over the last few decades has resulted in less apprenticeships and fewer young people being motivated to pursue skilled labour jobs.

The Importance of Skilled Trades in Pest Control and How to Attract the Next Generation

The internet and social media have also created and encouraged a “get rich quick” culture where young people can earn vast amounts of money very quickly without having to do much work.

This potentially leaves the UK in a skilled labour crisis in the future as a generation retires with no-one to pass on the skills to.

Until robots can collect rats or mice or rid a house of wasps it’s time for the pest control industry to step up and encourage more young people into the industry and to support young people through their early career paths.

Many pest control businesses are sole trader or small family run businesses. Government apprenticeship schemes are therefore not accessible, and the cost of the apprentice falls on the small business putting them at a major disadvantage to the industry giants.

Creating initiatives that support the growth of skilled trades in the pest control industry

Another strategy could be to offer competitive salaries and benefits packages to attract more young people to the field. This could include apprenticeship programs that offer on-the-job training and mentorship, as well as opportunities for continuing education and professional development.

Attracting the next generation of skilled tradespeople to the pest control industry is essential to ensure the continued success and growth of the industry.

By highlighting the importance of skilled trades and offering competitive career opportunities and training programs, pest control companies can help address the current labour shortage and build a strong, sustainable workforce for the future.

There is room for all business sizes and competition is a good thing for consumers.

Pest control is a vital public health service

Skills required to be a good pest controller include having a desire to help people – pest control is about listening to people’s pest problems and finding ways to solve the problem for them.

Customer service is an essential skill when working in Pest Control

You must be great with people, pest control is about dealing with all sorts of people daily; some may be difficult and antagonistic, so you need to have a thick skin sometimes to maintain positive relations for repeat business.

Customer service is an essential skill working in Pest Control

Pest control is a responsible job that that requires commitment, motivation, and tenacity.

It’s not for everyone but most people in pest control love the industry and wouldn’t want to do anything else!

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