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Wasp Quiz; Do you know about Wasps?

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How confident are you in your knowledge of Wasps? Test yourself with our interactive quiz here. Pest control is an important part of good housekeeping practice for all food manufacturing premises, as well as in the home. Without good pest control measures in place, your business is likely to attract unwanted insects, rodents, birds and animals, which can pose a significant risk to food safety and food hygiene. Test your knowledge of wasps with our quick quiz below.

PGM & SON; Each year more than 500,00 people visit the hospital to be treated for insect stings.

Question 1.

Why do we control Wasps?

  • Wasps can be a public health issue

  • Wasps are nuisance pests

  • Wasps serve no purpose

Answer is..

The answer is 1 & 2 – wasps can sting and for some people this can be very dangerous. Those sensitive to wasp stings can suffer a serious allergic reaction to a wasp sting.

Wasps are also generally considered to be a nuisance pest particularly to hospitality businesses, no-one likes to be bothered by wasps when there are out for a meal.

Contrary to popular belief, wasps DO serve a purpose and form an important part of our fragile ecosystem.

Wasps are early pollinators and, importantly, a natural predator as they help control insects in the garden such as aphids; instead of eating your plants, the aphids are an important food source for wasps’ young.

Question 2.

What is the Lifecycle of a wasp?

  • Eggs hatch in around 3 days, they reach adulthood in around

  • Eggs hatch in around 5-8 days, the reach adulthood in around

Answer is...

The answer is B. Although their lifecycle's follows a similar pattern to a honey bee, wasp Queens only live for around a year whereas a honey bee Queen can live for around 3-4 years.


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I would like to say I found your service to be very prompt from start to finish. Phil was very friendly and gave confidence that he knew exactly what he was talking about. If ever needs must I would use your company again and will recommend to others as well.

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