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Wasps in October? Wasps in your bedroom?

Updated: May 16

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Why am I seeing Wasps in October?

Most of us will come across wasps in the Summer months but commonly wasps can continue to be a problem well into the Autumn and Winter months, so why is this?

The Life Cycle of a Wasp

The common wasp (Vespula Vulgaris) has a lifespan of around 12 months for a Queen wasp and 12-22 days for a Worker wasp.

The lifecycle starts with the solitary Queen who builds her nest and rears the first worker wasps, which takes on average around 30-35 days.

After this the Queen rapidly starts to produce eggs, around 200-300 per day whilst the workers take over foraging. The population starts to grow until it reaches its peak around 90-100 days later at which point the population growth stops and new Queen cells are built.

The Queen wasp produces Queen larvae and the workers up their foraging.

When the Queen dies are becomes sick the unity of the worker colony breaks down, cannibalism sets in and foraging becomes erratic.

The succession of the Queen wasp occurs when the virgin Queens leave the nest to mate and hibernate. After this, a solitary Queen starts the cycle again around 6-7 months after the first solitary Queen started to build her nest.

The Wasp biology and behaviour is absolutely fascinating!

Why am I still seeing Wasps in October?

As temperatures start to drop, remaining wasps become disorientated. Their food sources also start to decline so they normally start to die off around this time of year.

However, climate change is altering the life cycle of many pests and wasps are no different. If the weather has been warmer throughout the Autumn and Winter months and food sources are still available you may still experience a problem with wasps.

Why am I seeing Wasps in my bedroom in October?

As wasps start to lose their external food sources and become disorientated they can often wander into places they normally would not. Also, wasps may explore the cavity in which they nested.

Wasps may be looking for a way out into warm sunshine and not realise that they are actually attracted to the bedroom light. This may explain why you have wasps in your wall cavity or loft.


Top Wasp Control Tip

Check your wasp control is carried out by a reputable, qualified pest controller.


How to get rid of Wasps

Around this time of year, if you can, you should let your wasps die off naturally. This will save you money as well as being environmentally friendly!!

However, if your wasps are causing a public health issue, to keep you and your family safe you should consult a professional pest controller.

A pest controller will treat your wasp nest. It is not necessary to remove the nest although your pest controller may do so at a later date and for an extra charge.


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