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What is the Definition of a Pest Controller?

To finish off the month we thought we’d share a passage from Bernadine Evaristo’s Booker Prize winning book ‘Girl, Woman, Other’ that we thought really summed up pest control.

“Daddy worked in Pest Control for the council, which gave him great job satisfaction, no two days are ever the same, he’d say, as they sat around the kitchen table eating their tea of fish fingers and salad, it’s my role to kill the devilish vermin who plague people’s properties and give them nightmares, and then to heal their trauma with reassuring words it’s a vocation, a calling, my contribution to the world, y’unnderstan?

Apart from the “kill the devilish vermin” (as responsible pest controllers, this should always be a last resort), the words “great job satisfaction”; “no two days are the same”; “heal their trauma with reassuring words” and “it’s a vocation, a calling” really resonated with us.

The Definition of a Pest Controller

Pest Control is all about helping people, finding solutions to problems and commitment. We thought Bernadine Evaristo summed this up brilliantly in her magnificent literary piece.

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The Definition of a Pest Controller


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