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Pest Trumps - The Mouse 101

Introducing The Mouse!

This week we are excited to carry on with our series of "Pest Trumps" at PGM & SON Pest Control Services with The Mouse.

Each pest trump file is available to download for free so you may use them at your business to help identify pests for the protection of your workers and customers. The PGM "Pest Control Trump" set of information cards is created to assist with pest-related issues in the UK.

The Mouse 101



Coming alongside the Wasp and the Rat, another of the UK’s most common pests includes mice. Mice are a part of British wildlife and are active all year round.

Field mice mainly live outdoors so are not normally a cause for concern. The house mouse on the other hand is a public health issue and can cause serious harm and damage.

Mice are disease carriers and have been known to spread nasty diseases such as Listeria and Salmonella to humans through droppings, urine and bedding.

They mark their territory with urine and build nests near to food sources putting humans at risk of food poisoning.


Mice are sporadic feeders; on average they eat between 15-20 times a day despite their tiny size. Researchers have found that mice populations are increasing due to milder climates.


Mice are small but their teeth are sharp. They are voracious gnawers and chew through wood, metal, pipes and cables to keep their teeth sharp. In fact, their gnawing through cables and pipework can cause electrical fires and flooding so the tiny mouse has super strength teeth.


Mice breed super quickly so they score highly in this category. On average, there are usually six pups in a litter, so 12 young in two months with the original breeding pair.

Those first six young will take a while to become sexually mature, maybe six weeks. They could all then have a litter themselves, then the numbers really start adding up.

One female can have five to ten litters per year.

So, by the end of a year, it’s easy to end up with 2,000 mice, scurrying around transmitting dirt and bacteria over work surfaces.

Nuisance Factor

Due to the fact they can cause damage to property such as electrical fires and flooding along with their ability to spread disease and their rapid breeding cycle, the mouse is up there with wasps and rats for their nuisance factor.


Mice are pretty agile, they can squeeze through a gap of only 5mm to gain entry – that’s roughly the size of the end of a pencil! That makes proofing extremely difficult. They are also great jumpers, climbers and swimmers. All round athletes!

Environmental Impact

Mice are an essential part of our ecosystem. Mice are a food source to large numbers of predators such as foxes, weasels, hawks, owls, shrews and more.

Superpower: Nifty Ninjas

These tiny mice can cause significant damage to property and to public health. Their ability to gain access through the smallest of gaps and their sharp teeth make them nifty ninjas!

Overall Mouse Rating 4/10

Along with the rat, mice score highly most categories. However, similarly, we’ve given them an overall low rating due to their risk to public health and property. Mice are particularly problematic because of their ability to breed rapidly meaning you can have a large mice infestation in a relatively short period of time.

Pest Trumps - The Mouse 101

To aid with pest-related issues in the UK, PGM & SON are creating a complete variety of "Pest Trump" documents that are available for the pest management industry and the general public to download for free. Please subscribe to our blog if you want to stay up to date with all of our current developments on the Pest Trump line.

Pest Trumps The Mouse 101 PGM & SON Pest Control
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