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Worried about Bed Bugs?

PGM & SON; Worried about bed bugs?

With the press reporting a potential bedbug invasion coming across the Channel from France, this week we’ve been inundated with calls from the public and media outlets about bedbugs.

So, with the reports of a tsunami of bedbugs across Europe should you be worried about bedbugs?

PGM & SON; How can I tell if we have bed bugs? Looking for Signs of Bed Bugs.

Bedbugs are a nuisance pest.

Although they do bite, they are not known to carry disease.

Bedbugs carry a bit of a stigma with them and because of this people can be reluctant to call in the pest control professionals which means that a bedbug issue can very quickly spiral out of control.

However, bedbugs are not discriminate about their host and both clean and dirty properties can find they are infested with bedbugs. The main issue with bedbugs is that they are extremely transferable – in other words they are well travelled.

PGM & SON; How to get rid of bed bugs?

Image the scenario – you’ve been on holiday and unbeknown to you, a bed bug crawls inside your luggage.

When you get home, you pop your suitcase on the bed to unpack and the bedbugs crawl out onto your bed.

Before you know it you’re infested with bedbugs!

Should I be worried if I have bed bugs?

Contrary to popular belief bedbug's don’t just live in your bed either. We often find bed bugs' hiding in plug sockets, behind picture frames and skirting boards and in bed frames.

This is why bedbugs are so difficult to control. They are tiny and they get EVERYWHERE!

Often people are either too embarrassed to call in a professional or they attempt DIY treatments themselves. In both cases, they are all too often just prolonging the problem and letting it become much worse.

Phil Martin, Senior Pest Technician and Owner of PGM & Son Pest Control Hereford & Worcester has been speaking to BBC Hereford & Worcester, The Hereford Times and Greatest Hits Radio Herefordshire and Worcestershire this week about bedbugs. Listen to the recordings here ▶▶▶▶

Top Tip; If you think you have bed bugs, you should contact your local council or pest control service. It's very difficult to get rid of bedbugs yourself because they can be hard to find and may be resistant to some insecticides. If you are suffering from a bedbug infestation call in the professionals. PGM & Son Bedbug Control Hereford and Worcester for all your bedbug problems. Call 01981 540088 or email us at or use our live chat facility on our website at


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