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How to Spot the Tell-Tale Signs of Bed Bugs

Updated: Apr 2

PGM & SON; How to spot the tell-tale sign of Bed Bugs

How to spot the tell-tale sign of Bedbugs

  • Got itchy red spots or lumps on your body?

  • Can you see dark ink like spots or blood smears on your bedding, bed frame or mattress?

  • Does your laundry and bedding smell unpleasant?


If you’ve seen bed bugs on your furniture or bedding then you almost certainly have an active bed bug infestation.

Bed bugs look for a human host to feed from and they most usually do this during the night.

They lay their eggs in cracks and crevices near their human hosts so often bed frames, skirting boards, plug sockets and behind loose wallpaper are ideal housing for bed bugs.


Did you know?

Bed bugs can go without feeding for months and often lie dormant waiting for a human host. This is why people often experience problems with bed bugs when first moving into a new home or rental property.

And, bed bugs are quite often found in multiple occupancy buildings like flats, hotels, hostels, B&Bs where there is a quick and high turnover of occupants.

Bed bugs aren't considered disease transmitters. Bites from bed bugs can cause irritation particularly in people with allergies.

DIY Treatment for Bedbugs

Whilst you can treat bed bugs yourself, often we find that DIY treatments don’t resolve the problem. That’s because DIY treatments aren’t as effective as those used by qualified pest controllers who have access to solutions that aren’t available to the general public.

And, because bed bugs lay their eggs in cracks and crevices it can be difficult to carry out a bed bug treatment effectively yourself. Fully qualified, professional pest controllers like PGM & Son Pest Control have received the training to ensure that your bed bug infestation is treated effectively and efficiently.

For all your bed bug control needs, give PGM & Son Pest Control Hereford a call on 01981 241334 or 07964 370480 for a free no-obligation chat. If you prefer, you can email us at or you can use the live chat facility on our website.



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