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A New Home for Rodents?

Updated: Mar 6, 2018

With Local Authorities in Wales considering plans to introduce monthly domestic waste collections, we are left wondering whether England will follow suit.

In plans expected to increase recycling rates by reducing the frequency of waste collections, Local Authorities expect to generate savings at a time when many are struggling to balance the books.

But householders, many of whom are expecting to see council tax increases in 2018, are up in arms about the proposals.

At PGM & Son we fully support recycling, however, reducing waste collections needs careful thought and planning. In particular, to avoid the very real risk of a significant increase in fly tipping as people struggle to fit 4 weeks’ worth of waste into one wheelie bin.

And, if a collection is missed (for example, due to the bad weather we experienced recently), that could mean a wait of 8 weeks before the waste is removed, posing a serious risk to both our wildlife and the environment. As the warmer weather approaches, an increased risk of pests is also likely.

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