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Are you having a problem with Cluster Flies?

Updated: Apr 2

PGM & SON Pest Control Services; Are you having a problem with cluster flies?

Suffering with Cluster Flies?

Is opening your windows becoming a problem?

Cluster flies aren’t considered a public health issue in that they aren’t “filth” flies but they can still be a public nuisance. As they tend to congregate in great numbers, they create a mess and they can be very smelly.

Often when someone opens a window, they may experience a shower of cluster flies which isn’t very pleasant. Reports of opening loft hatches only to be bombarded by thousands of cluster flies dropping down on your akin to something out of “I’m a Celebrity, Get me Out of Here” isn’t exactly a nice experience either!

How to tell if you have Cluster Flies?

More common in rural areas due to the fact they are parasitic upon certain earthworms, cluster flies are dark greyish in colour and 8mm long with yellowish hairs on the back and overlapping wings.

Around Autumn time you can usually find them congregating in large numbers in upper rooms or roof spaces of houses where they hibernate.

They can seem sluggish and vast numbers of them can cause a very unpleasant smell.

If you have a cluster fly problem, don’t worry at PGM & Son Pest Control Hereford we have it covered!

As a professional, qualified pest control company we have access to solutions not available to the general public and can treat your cluster fly problem for you.

I paid for a pest controller to get rid of my cluster flies last year but they are back again!

Unfortunately, it is a fact that cluster flies tend to return to the same locations each year so if you have experienced a cluster fly issue previously it’s not unusual for you to have a problem again.

Long term cluster fly prevention is therefore unrealistic but please don’t worry because there are steps you can take to sort out your cluster fly problems!

For example you can:

  • Reduce the numbers of cluster flies entering your property by carrying out basic property maintenance

  • Get your hoover out and vacuum them up!

For all your cluster fly problems give PGM & Son Pest Control Hereford a call on 01981 540088 or 07964 370480 for a free no-obligation chat.

If you prefer, you can email us at

We’re always on the end of the ‘phone for advice so don’t worry about your cluster fly problems, give us a call now!


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