BBC Rip off Britain Slates UK’s National Pest Control Firm Rentokil

One of the largest pest control companies in the UK featured on this week’s episode of Rip Off Britain, hosted by Angela Rippon, Gloria Hunniford and Jennie Bond.

It comes not long after the news that city traders were predicting growth in Rentokil after reports that the firm was reshaping to focus on the higher-margin pest control business at a much faster rate than anticipated.

It certainly seems that Rentokil is making a killing from its customers if the BBC report is anything to go by. Members of the public alleged that Rentokil was charging astronomical rates to carry out pest control treatments with one viewer reporting that Rentokil charged him well over £500 for a 3 visit mouse control job. With local pest controllers around the country quoting a fraction of the price (up to £190 in different regions across the UK) for the same job it does seem a little over-priced!

To watch Rip Off Britain: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0b7rsc5

At PGM & SON Pest Control Hereford we have a fair and transparent charging policy. A three visit rodent control job is normally priced at around £150 (subject to site survey), meaning Herefordshire residents requiring pest control services pay a fraction of the cost the big guys in the industry charge.

PGM & Son is able to offer Hereford residents low rates because we are a local, family run business with low over heads. We’ll always give you a price up front, telling you if that price may change (for example, because there are access issues in your property) and, if we can’t give you a price up front, we’ll explain why.

Rip Off Britain also made the point that members of the public should check a pest controller’s qualifications, experience and insurance. We regularly give advice to Hereford residents on the importance of checking who their local trader is and that they’re qualified to do the job. Check out our past blogs on this subject. Our website www.pgmpestcontrol.co.uk clearly explains what qualifications, experience, insurance and other certification we hold. However, if you’re not sure please ask us as we’ll be happy to provide copies and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

If you don’t want Rentokil to make a killing from you, if you have a pest problem – don’t call in the pestbusters, call PGM & SON Pest Control; Hereford.

Local number: 01981 241334 OR 07964 370480

PGM & SON provide pest control solutions to residential and commercial businesses across Herefordshire. Our company is a well respected and experienced pest control service. Any of your bug and pest problems will be quickly eliminated with quality & guaranteed work by our professionally trained technicians who can control pests safely, legally and effectively.

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