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Buying, Selling or Renting Property in Herefordshire? Need a Pest Problem Sorted Before Moving?

PGM & Son Pest Control offer a number of solutions for those buying and selling property.


Always make sure any properties you buy or let are pest-proofed and fully habitable for you, your family or your tenants. Pests and vermin can constitute a health hazard and they can cause damage to a property, so it is in your interest that any pest control problems are dealt with promptly and adequately before you buy or rent a property, whether it be residential or commercial.

Did you know we provide:

  • End of tenancy fumigation

  • Pre-sale fumigation

  • Landlord’s and Vendor’s Clean Bill of Health Check

  • Pest waste cleaning and removal in properties, whether empty or occupied

  • Pest proofing works

  • Contaminated loft insulation and re-insulation services

  • Insect identification service

With Covid-19 restrictions lifting, the property market in Herefordshire is booming. The Government’s stamp duty holiday, in place until March 2021, appears to be giving the Herefordshire property market the boost it needs with many more properties coming onto the market and sales increasing.

Over the period of lockdown, pest controllers saw an increase in pest activity for a number of reasons. Pests generally prefer to keep away from humans but with restaurants, pubs, cafes, schools, hotels and other public attractions being closed for long period or being used significantly less frequently, pests have found it easy to set up home and to get around unnoticed.

Animals, like humans, are quick to adapt and pests have thrived during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Many businesses and property owners have experienced pest problems, for example, birds nesting in empty properties and causing damage and significant amounts of mess.

As people start to move property, they move furniture and carry out more thorough cleaning such as behind kitchen appliances and often, this is the time they will discover they have a pest problem.

Bed bugs become active as human hosts take up residence, meaning that when you move into an empty property you may be disturbing dormant bed bugs.

If you are moving into a rental property, you may find your tenancy agreement contains terms making the tenant responsible for dealing with pests / vermin before you move, and this may also mean ensuring that the property is free from any defects that may allow access for pests.

If you are a Landlord and let a furnished property and the problem with pests was there when your tenant moved in, then it’s likely that you and not the tenant is responsible regardless of what the tenancy agreement says.

Moving home can be an exciting time, many people have plans to carry out works to improve or change the property. Carrying out building, electrical and plumbing works can disturb pests. For example, rodents in the loft; birds nesting in the roof; wasps in the eaves; pigeon guano on the exterior surfaces.

Rest assured, your trades people will most likely refuse to carry out the works until you have dealt with a pest problem.

To avoid pest problems when you rent or sell your property or to deal with any pest problems you may have when you move, rent or buy a new property in Herefordshire and Worcestershire, call PGM & Son Pest Control.

So whatever your pest problem, give PGM & Son Pest Control Hereford a call. We deal with:

  • Rats

  • Mice

  • Bed bugs

  • Cockroaches

  • Pigeons and other birds

  • Flies

  • Woodworm

  • Moles

  • Squirrels

And many more!


Call us now on 01981 241 3345 or 07964 370480 or


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