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Need Cluster Fly Control Help in Herefordshire?

PGM & SON Cluster Fly Control Hereford – We’ve Got It Covered!


Are you having an issue with cluster flies?

Did you know cluster flies are predominantly found in rural areas?

It’s a perfectly common problem in Herefordshire so if you are having cluster fly problems give us a call today at PGM & SON Cluster Fly Control Hereford – we’ve got it covered.

Facts about cluster flies

Cluster flies are so called because of their habit of forming clusters when they are hibernating.

Presence of cluster flies is not a sign of poor hygiene.

Cluster flies are a particular problem during Autumn when they gather in significant numbers on walls and windows during the day, retiring into roof spaces during the night. As the Autumn months have been warmer, we’re still seeing people experiencing problems with cluster flies.

As temperatures drop, the cluster flies will crawl under the eaves and facias and roof spaces to hibernate safely over the winter.

Although cluster flies aren’t harmful, they can be a nuisance and, if gathering in significant numbers they can be unsightly in your home and put off customers in your business. They can also leave dark coloured spots on walls and windows which can be tricky to clean and look off putting.

Another issue is that if the flies die in false ceilings and wall voids, they may attract other pests.

Suffering from cluster flies again?

Unfortunately, this is a common problem because cluster flies tend to return to the same location year after year.

If you had a cluster fly problem last year you are more likely to experience another one again. So, if you had a cluster fly issue in previous years and you’ve got them again it doesn’t mean your pest controller failed. Unfortunately, what it does mean is that you can expect your visitors every year.

However, once you’re aware of this it can help manage expectations and also enable you to get prepared to treat the problem as soon as it arrives.

So, if you’re having a problem with cluster flies, call us today to help. We can treat your cluster fly problem and we can also clean up any pest waste for you. No more dead flies on the carpet to worry about this Christmas!


- If you’re in need of pest control call in the pest experts today –

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