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February is Cluster Fly Watch in Herefordshire

This week we’re getting prepared for the cluster fly season.


As we move into February and the temperatures are starting to get milder, the cluster flies start to re-emerge from hibernation to seek out egg laying sites outside.

Cluster flies often return to the same location year after year and so, unfortunately, if you’ve experienced a problem previously you may well suffer again. But once you realise this, you can take early steps to sort out the problem.

A mass of cluster flies have a very strong characteristic smell and they can be a nuisance in properties.

If you have a caravan or holiday home, you won’t want your first visit of the season to be marred by a mass of cluster flies. Whilst you can hoover up cluster flies, heavier infestations are better treated by a qualified pest controller who can use insecticides or smoke generators to remove the problem.

It’s also possible to use electric fly killer machines. Whatever solution used you should check for bats first. Bats are a protected species and so you should seek advice if you do have, or suspect you have, bats.

Proofing your home, caravan or business can also help to reduce numbers but ultimately it is very difficult to control any fly problem due to the nature of the pest. Instead, steps to minimise issues should be considered and put in place.


- If you’re in need of cluster fly control call in the pest experts today –

PGM & SON Pest Control Hereford. Call us on 01981 241 334 or 07964 370 480.



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