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Sign up to one of our rodent control contracts before the end of September 2018 and benefit from free wasp nest and ant infestation treatments*

What can your business expect from PGM & SON’s rodent control service?

  • A competitive, transparent pricing policy

  • A bespoke pest control programme – we’ll be there when you need us most

  • Reliable and discreet service

  • Environmentally friendly pest control – particularly important if your business regularly has children and animals on site

  • Emergency call out – as a local Hereford pest control business we can respond quickly when you need us

  • Out of hours pest control service – great for fitting around your business needs & with minimal impact to your daily business operations

  • Professional pest control advice and guidance, including advice on preventative pest control measures

  • Regular written pest inspection reports

  • Pest management manual specific to your business

  • Fully qualified – our pest control technician is qualified by the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH), complies with current pest legislation and operates to strict health and safety guidelines

  • £5m public liability insurance

  • Member of the National Pest Technicians Association (NPTA) and undertakes continuous professional development as part of the BASIS Prompt scheme

  • Additional pest control services available including proofing works, environmental cleaning and pest waste disposal services.

  • Registered upper tier waste carrier, broker and dealer

Call us for a free no-obligation quote today – what have you got lose?

PGM & SON | Herefordshire Commercial Pest Control Services: protecting your business from unwanted pests and helping you to comply with your legal responsibilities.

Customer service is our strength, but don’t take our word for it – ask our clients!

PGM & Son offers commercial businesses, offices, warehouses, restaurants, hotels, clubs, pubs, schools and hospitals a full range of pest management options tailored to suit the needs of any business. Our aim is to resolve your pest control problem as quickly as possible whilst minimising disruption to your business operations. ​ Our integrated commercial pest treatment solution will help you remove rats, termites, cockroaches and other pests from your commercial space. Our mission is to protect your business from any unwanted pests.

Removal of Contaminated Waste

We also offer pest waste cleaning, removal and disposal services.

If you've had a pest infestation in your business, treatment for the pest may not be the only solution. 

A pest infestation can result in a lot of mess, including pest urine and faeces, pest corpses / dead animals, potential disease and, quite often, a very strong and unpleasant smell. 

For example, if you've dead animals or pest mess we can clean the area hygienically for you, remove any mess and pest corpses and dispose of them safely for you to allow you to carry on with business as normal.

We’ll clear your pest waste for you, disinfecting the area so it’s good for you to use again. And, PGM is registered as an upper tier waste carrier, broker and dealer under the Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2011. So, we can remove your pest waste safely for you.

We are licensed pest controllers aiming to provide a one stop service to our customers. Whether it be cockroach infestations, woodworm damage, rats & mice hiding in difficult to reach areas we are able to help. 

To find out more about our commercial pest control services in Hereford click on the link for more information. https://www.pgmpestcontrol.co.uk/commercial-pest-control

We are licensed pest controllers aiming to provide a one stop service to our customers. Whether it be cockroach infestations, woodworm damage, rats & mice hiding in difficult to reach areas we are able to help. 

*Terms and conditions apply: Herefordshire businesses which sign up to a PGM & Son rodent control programme prior to 30 September 2018 will receive free wasp nest and ant treatments as part of their contract. Contracts must run for a minimum period of 12 months with 12 minimum routine visits during that time. Wasp nest and ant infestation treatments will be carried out free of charge as part of any routine visit. Routine visits are agreed in advance and are subject to availability / rodent activity levels. Wasp nests and ant infestation treatments outside of agreed routine visits will be subject to an additional charge.

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