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Getting Ready To Spring Into Your Garden?

Did you know the box caterpillar and fuchsia mite top UK garden pests list?

In 2017, the box caterpillar and fuchsia mite topped the Royal Horticultural Society’s pest list and the RHS is predicting this will continue into 2018.

It’s easy to forget the role of the humble insect when you see your prize roses damaged but we’d urge you to consider what benefits insects provide and what your options for treating any infestation are prior to going ahead with use of insecticides. There may be alternative solutions you haven’t considered that are better for the environment and the pests.

You can find out more information about the box caterpillar and fuchsia mite on our website or call PGM & Son, Positive Pest Control Herefordshire for advice and information.

The RHS is also warning of the deadly bacterial disease called Xylella which has devastated plants and trees in parts of Southern Europe. The RHS is calling for greater controls at the border as, currently, UK citizens can bring back any plants grown in the EU.

So if you are going on holiday this year, think carefully before bringing home that clipping from the lovely plant, flower or tree you see abroad – it may cause a threat to the nation’s plants.

Protect your Hereford garden in 2018 from pests and rodents, call PGM & Son Positive Pest Control for more help and advice. We are here to help!


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