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If you’ve seen rats or mice in or around your property call in the pest controllers to deal with the problem.

Don’t let a rodent problem go untreated because rodents multiply rapidly and the problem will be much harder to control, cost more money and cause more damage to your property. It’s important to address the problem early and to future proof your home or business to minimise the risk of another rodent infestation.

You may not have seen rats or mice but noticed the following warning signs:

  • Droppings

  • Distinctive and strong urine smell

  • Teeth or gnaw marks to surfaces such as skirting boards, items chewed

  • Pieces of cardboard or soft materials that may be being used to build nests

  • Holes and burrows

  • Sounds – scratching and scampering

  • Footprints and tracks

Also, look out for possible entry points. Look for gaps in your brick work; loose fitting pipes and cables that lead externally and also points of entry from adjoining properties such as holes in loft spaces that lead to next door.

Check out the common places that rodents like to nest including lofts, attics, behind kitchen cupboards and appliances and laundries.

What can you expect from a PGM & SON Pest Control Rodent Treatment?

First, we’ll have a discussion with you over the ‘phone to get a bit more of an idea what’s going on, how serious any infestation is and whether there may be any risk factors such as other animals in your property or the public using your business.

We’ll give you an idea of cost but it’s always subject to site survey. The reason for this is that we need to see how big the infestation is, what access issues and risk factors there may be at your property.

We can normally treat smaller rodent infestations in 3 visits. At the first visit we’ll assess the extent of the infestation and install bait stations. At the second visit, we’ll check on activity, re-setting any traps or topping up bait as required. We usually find that smaller infestations are eradicated at this point. However, at PGM & SON Pest Control Hereford, we include a third visit. At the third visit, we’ll check again on activity, remove all bait stations and traps and, importantly, give you any recommendations and advice we can to ensure that you don’t invite another rodent problem into your home or business.

Please be aware that we do not eradicate rats or mice indiscriminately. If you think you’ve got rodents and we can’t see any evidence when we visit, we will lay monitoring bait. We never use rodenticides unless we have identified an infestation and exhausted other methods of minimising problems.

Businesses should also be aware that if they generate foodstuff or food waste, for example pet food stores or cafes, pubs and restaurants, we are likely to recommend our commercial pest control service. Due to the public health risks that rodents impose, an ongoing pest management program is more appropriate. Check out our commercial pest control pages on our website for more information. We give free no-obligation quotes.

Remember – don’t be embarrassed to report a rodent problem in your home or business. We see it all the time and often a problem is caused by neighbouring properties. We’ve seen it all – nothing shocks!

If you think you have rats, or mice, don’t panic. Call PGM & SON Pest Control Hereford on 01981 241334 or 07964 370480 today for advice and solutions.

We cover Herefordshire and Worcestershire so give us a call, visit our website at or drop us an email to:

Don’t let a rodent problem get worse – rats and mice breed rapidly so what may start as a small problem can quickly escalate – call in the professionals today to sort out a rodent infestation.





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