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Halloween’s coming – check out the bat!


Why are some animals associated with Halloween and pest control?

Bats are a popular one associated with Halloween; bats are mostly nocturnal and hunt for prey at night. Apparently, they developed a spooky reputation after bats were first seen drinking the blood of cattle in Central and South America. Combined with their clawed wings that cover their bodies like a cape when they hang upside down, bats are often connected to vampires.

Bats are also historically associated with witches and some people believed that witches used bat blood in their potions and spells. They also resemble rats which many people dislike.

However, unlike rats, bats are a protected species and pest controllers won’t touch them for this reason. They are also an important part of the ecosystem as they keep bug populations under control.

If you want more information about living in harmony with your bats get in touch with the Bat Conservation Trust which has lots of useful information and advice to set your mind at rest if you find you are sharing your home with bats this Halloween. Also check out these fun facts about bats!

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