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Have you got a Flea problem? Hereford & Worcester Pest Control Services

Call in the Flea Control experts in Herefordshire!

Due to the recent humid conditions, pest controllers are experiencing high volumes of call outs for flea problems. Fleas thrive in humid conditions, which are the perfect environment for the common flea.

Dogs tend to be the main source of fleas and that’s unsurprising given that we British love our dogs. Around a quarter of all British householders own a dog and that number has been rising during the pandemic with Brits taking in or purchasing more puppies and dogs.


  1. Bites – fleas bite which can cause irritation and itching.

  2. Allergies – a significant proportion of the public have allergies and flea bites can cause reactive rashes.

  3. Nuisance – no-one likes having fleas, in fact, it makes most people feel a bit squeamish. But if you are a business, fleas can cause major disruption and reputational damage to your business.

THE DIY FLEA TREATMENT – We find a lot of people try to tackle a flea problem themselves and can’t understand why they haven’t managed to solve the problem. Eradicating fleas can be a very difficult task and professional, qualified pest controllers often have a much higher chance of success for the following top 3 reasons.


  1. Qualified pest controllers have access to treatments not readily available to the public.

  2. Professional pest controllers have been trained to treat flea problems with the maximum chance of success.

  3. Experienced pest controllers will understand what actions need to take place, in conjunction with chemical treatments, to resolve the problem and mitigate the risks of having a flea infestation in future.

If your DIY treatment hasn’t worked maybe it’s time to call in the professionals?


  1. Bites – if you or your family members are suffering from bites around the ankles and lower legs then you may have a flea problem. Look out for small red spots around 5mm in diameter.

  2. Pets scratching – if your pets are scratching more than usual they may have company from fleas. Look for red / brown fleas about 2mm long. Common places to spot fleas are necks of cats and hind quarters of dogs

  3. Jumping – you have an active infestation if you can see fleas jumping around in your carpets or on your furniture.

TIP: Check your pets for signs of fleas. Look for fleas or flea droppings in the coat of your cat or dog (black faeces which look a little like ground black pepper). Another tip is to back brush your pets or brush them over a piece of white paper to more easily spot the signs of flea droppings.

Fleas are a nuisance but it’s quite common to suffer from a flea problem so don’t feel embarrassed about reporting it to your local pest controller. We’ve seen, and heard, it all so what might feel embarrassing to you is something we see quite commonly.

Did you know? You can easily inherit a flea problem from someone else or from conditions outside of your house. Consider the situation when you move into a rental property and the previous tenant had a flea problem. Or, your dog attracts fleas when out on a walk. It’s nothing to be worried or embarrassed about.


  1. Hoover regularly. Pay attention to carpets, rugs, and flooring.

  2. Check pets regularly – see our tips above.

  3. Regularly wash pet and human bedding at high temperature (check the wash label first).

TIP FOR TENANTS:- When you move into a new property check for signs of fleas. And, ask your landlord whether the previous tenants had pets and whether a flea fumigation was undertaken prior to your occupation.

If you have a flea problem in Hereford call PGM & Son Flea Control Hereford for all your flea control needs and flea advice.


For all your pest control needs, give PGM & Son Pest Control Hereford a call on 01981 251116 or 07964 370480 for a free no-obligation chat.

If you prefer, you can email us at or you can use the live chat facility on our website.


We’re always on the end of the ‘phone for advice so don’t worry about your flea problems, give us a call now!


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