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Having a problem with Cluster Flies in Herefordshire?

Updated: Apr 2

Call PGM Cluster Fly Control Hereford for all your Cluster Fly problems!


Having experienced a significant increase in rodent issues across Herefordshire the last few months we’ve been catapulted into Spring with an uptake in cluster fly calls.

We regularly report on cluster fly problems across Herefordshire at this time of the year as the first shoots of Spring start to appear and the weather shows signs of improvement.

Cluster fly problems across Herefordshire are seasonal and occur in the Spring and Autumn in Herefordshire. In the Spring, cluster flies emerge from their Winter hibernation and start the task of seeking suitable outdoor sites across Herefordshire to lay their eggs and carrying on the cluster fly cycle.

At PGM & Son Pest Control we are often asked about the issue of cluster flies re-occurring. Unfortunately, the fact is that cluster tend to return to the same locations across Herefordshire each year it is an unfortunate fact that if you have experienced a cluster fly issue in Herefordshire previously you will likely suffer the same fate in the future.

For this reason, we always try to educate Herefordshire residents that cluster fly prevention is unrealistic but please don’t worry because there are steps you can take to sort out your cluster fly problems!


Although cluster flies can be a nuisance and also a disturbance due to the numbers in which they congregate, Herefordshire residents should be assured that cluster flies are not considered “filth” flies. That said, cluster flies in significant numbers not only cause a nuisance but they can create a mess and the smell cluster flies emit in numbers is very strong and off putting.


  • Proof your home, caravan or holiday home to reduce the numbers of cluster flies entering your property

  • Hoover up your cluster flies


If you have a heavy cluster fly infestation in Herefordshire it’s likely to be better treated by a qualified pest controller who can use insecticides or smoke generators to resolve your cluster fly problem.

Professional pest controllers have access to solutions not available to the general Herefordshire public and the skills, knowledge and expertise to deal with the cluster fly problem.

If you’ve got a problem with Cluster Flies, give PGM & SON Cluster Fly Control

a call on 01981 251116 or 07964 370480 for a free no-obligation chat.


If you prefer, you can email us at or you can use the live chat facility on our website.

We’re always on the end of the ‘phone for advice so don’t worry about your cluster fly problems, give us a call now!

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Mar 02, 2023


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