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Having a Problem With Flies? We’ve Got it Covered!

Flies can be a real pain, especially in great numbers.

But are they a public health issue?

Flies can pose a health risk as they can spread disease and contaminate food. Flies multiply rapidly and can mature to adults from eggs in around seven days as they have a short life cycle. This is why a fly problem can become a significant issue.

Food businesses need to take fly infestations seriously as they can cause disruption to business and damage to reputation. With current lockdown restrictions impose on the country, restaurants, pubs and hotels are not having customers eat on their premises but this doesn’t mean they can ignore a fly problem, particularly if they are continuing to provide click and collect and delivery services.

Businesses still have staff working on site and flies can cause a risk to employee health. Vacant businesses may return to re-open to find they need to eradicate a pest infestation and undertake a major clear up job as well.

The types of disease flies can carry include:

  • E.Coli

  • Shigellosis

  • Salmonella

  • Myiasis

  • Cryptosporididium

Fun Fly Fact: did you know that there are around 120,000 fly species worldwide?

It’s not just restaurants, pubs and hotels that need to consider the risk of a fly infestation in their business. Any food environment needs to take note and this includes residential properties, poultry farms, food processing plants, retail food outlets such as supermarkets and small food retailers, pet food stores and anywhere that food is held.

Food safety is paramount; public health is a top priority and needs to be taken seriously.


  1. Keeping food preparation areas clean and tidy

  2. Remove and dispose of rubbish regularly particularly in warmer conditions

  3. Ensure bins have tight fitting lids

  4. Keep food items in sealed storage containers

  5. Use screens to cover windows and air vents

  6. Keep doors and windows shut when not in use unless covered by suitable fly screening

  7. Carry out regular building maintenance, for example to seal gaps and to clear drains

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