Hereford Pest Watch For Autumn 2018

At PGM we have had a busy year dealing with all aspects of pest control in Herefordshire. Not all pests are prevalent throughout the year and we think it is helpful to let you know which pests to watch out for over the coming months so you can prepare and prevent them entering your home and outbuildings, with our tips and advice on what signs to look out for.

From the start of October many insects disappear altogether. Depending on the weather, rodents and birds will seek warmer environments to shelter and survive the winter, so it is important to be vigilant and make sure all entrances into buildings are sealed and secured.

Your pets bedding maybe a source for cat fleas (Siphonaptera) which bite humans, they appear when the days become colder. So ensure you wash bedding and toys regularly.

Autumn is the time of the spider when levels can be expected to increase as they head into properties to begin breeding. In Britain you are unlikely to be bitten, or harmed in any way, by spiders. Dangerous spiders do of course exist, but unless they've been accidentally imported from abroad, hidden in a bunch of bananas for example, the spiders you find at home in Hereford will pose very little risk.

Common Pests In Autumn

Rodents Just like you, rodents such as rats and mice are looking for a warm place with lots of food to spend the colder months in Herefordshire. However, you might not be a fan of sharing your warm place with rodents. The biggest problem these pests bring is their friends. Mice and rats rarely travel alone, and can fit through the smallest of holes in your home, outbuildings and farms. Rat teeth are even stronger than human teeth and are capable of chewing through brick. To help prevent their arrival, store food in airtight containers and seal up any cracks and holes before the first frost arrives.

Cockroaches Cockroaches can not only spread 33 different kinds of dangerous bacteria, they can trigger asthma attacks in children, which makes them one of the most dangerous pests out there. These naturally shy pests don’t like to be seen in the light of day. So if you have spotted roaches recently, there are probably many, many more you haven’t seen.


Though less common outside in the winter, these particularly unpleasant creepy-crawlies can be found indoors in high numbers. They’re attracted to the warmth and once comfortable, will rapidly multiply. These insects can be especially ruinous to service-industry businesses like restaurants and hospitals. They are both notorious for spreading infectious diseases and dirt.

Keeping Autumn Pests Out of Your Home & Business

It is essential that you check around the outside of your property for any small access points and seal them up. You would be shocked to see how small a hole has to be to allow rodents into the building. You can also make your home or business a less obvious target by ensuring that bins -particularly those containing food waste - are always securely closed and ideally a fair distance from the property. You should also avoid leaving any foodstuffs on worktops or on the ground, if you have a composting system then make sure it is kept well away from your home. Even dried dog food can be appealing for rodents so ensure containers are sealed at all times. Inside, be sure to check any unused spaces at regular intervals so that you can identify an infestation as early as possible.

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