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How to Get Rid of Cluster Flies? We’ve Got It Covered!

Updated: May 16

PGM and Son pest control, How to Get Rid of Cluster Flies? We’ve Got It Covered!

As cluster flies are mostly found in rural areas so it's not surprising that Herefordshire and Worcestershire residents experience cluster fly issues.


Why are they called cluster flies?

These are called cluster flies because of their habit of forming clusters when they are hibernating.

What should you know about cluster flies?

The presence of cluster flies is not a sign of poor hygiene. Usually households in more rural situations experience problems with cluster flies so location makes a difference.

When are cluster flies are problem?

Cluster flies often cause a problem during the Autumn. They gather in significant numbers on walls and windows during the day and then retire into roof spaces during the night.

When Autumn months are warmer, people might experience problems with cluster flies into the Winter months as well.

As temperatures drop, the cluster flies will crawl under the eaves and fascia and roof spaces to hibernate safely over the winter.

Are cluster flies dangerous?

Cluster flies aren’t harmful, but they can be a nuisance. If they gather in significant numbers they can be unsightly in your home. For businesses this can cause a real problem as they will almost certainly put off customers in your business.

They can also leave dark coloured spots on walls and windows which can be difficult to clean and look off putting.

When cluster flies die in false ceilings and wall voids, particularly in significant numbers, they can start to smell. And, importantly, dead cluster flies may attract other pests such a rodents which can cause a public health issue.

I had cluster flies treated last year and they’ve come back again!

Unfortunately, this is a common problem because cluster flies tend to return to the same location year after year.

If you had a cluster fly issue last year you are more likely to experience another one again.

Some people assume the problem wasn’t treated properly the first time around but this is not correct. If you had a cluster fly issue in previous years and you’ve got them again it doesn’t mean previous treatments failed. Unfortunately, what it does mean is that you can expect your visitors every year.

However, don’t become despondent about this. Once you’re aware of this, it can help manage expectations and also enable you to get prepared to treat the problem as soon as it arrives.

If you’re having a problem with cluster flies, call us today to help. We can treat your cluster fly problem and we can also clean up any pest waste for you. No more dead flies on the carpet to!


If you’re in need of pest control call in the pest experts today – PGM & SON Pest Control Herefordshire and Worcestershire. Call us on 01981 540088 or 07964 370 480

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