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This week we’re blogging about fleas in Hereford again and why?! Well, because, pest controllers are being inundated with calls from the public about fleas and at PGM & Son Pest Control Hereford we’re no different – calls about flea problems are up significantly from last year. The press recently reported that flea complaints across the UK have increased by 415% in 2019.

Why are we seeing this increase in fleas?

Record heat temperatures combined with the usual British rain has combined to make very humid conditions which are the perfect environment for fleas.

Fleas thrive in these conditions and this accelerates their life cycle – they can grow from an egg to a fully-grown adult flea in just two weeks.

July was the hottest month on record for the Earth since records started in 1880.

The other contributory factor is the UK's love of cats and dogs! Around a quarter of UK households own at least one dog and almost 20% a cat so fleas have an abundance of hosts in the UK.

Although fleas love the host animal, they are more likely to be found in bedding, furniture, carpets and rugs.

And, a small flea problem can quickly become a problem – some flea species lay up to 40 eggs per day.

So, as a reminder, be vigilant; checks your pets regularly including their bedding. If you spot any signs of fleas, which include:

  • Your pets are scratching

  • You can see fleas or flea droppings in the coat of your cat or dog (try back brushing your pets or brush them over a piece of paper to more easily spot the signs of fleas)

  • You or your family experience bites – usually around the ankles or legs. Typically, flea bites are a small red spot about 5mm in diameter

  • You can see fleas jumping in your carpets or on your furniture if you have an active infestation.


Then Call us today for advice and solutions. If you’re experiencing a problem with fleas for any other pest control problems call PGM & Son Pest Control Hereford on 01981 241334 / 07964 370480 or email us at

or use the live chat facility on our website at



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