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Proof that Pest Control Works!


This week we thought we’d blog about the importance of proofing works.

We regularly blog about the importance of prevention in pest control. One of the key prevention approaches is proofing. Did you know that PGM & Son Pest Control Hereford offers pest proofing solutions?

When we refer to proofing, we mean stopping the pest getting into your property in the first place. And, it’s usually rodents that cause the main problems and where proofing works can make a real difference.

At PGM & Son Hereford we’ll first try and find out where the rodents are getting in and then we’ll help you to keep them out!

We start by carrying out a thorough inspection of your property and we look for ways that the rodents may be getting in which as gaps under doors, air bricks, pipes, drains and other access points.

If your property adjoins another, we’ll also check to see whether the rodents are accessing your property from your neighbour’s. Don’t worry, we’re discreet at PGM & Son and we’re happy to help broach your neighbours if we find the problem may be coming from their property.

We look internally for entry points as well. There may be existing entry points or potential entry points for rodents so its important to check inside as well as outside.

We’ll then discuss with you how best to proof your property. For example, we can use grills to cover air bricks that mice can’t chew through and rodent-proof fillers.

We’ll also provide advice, recommendation and labour to reduce any outdoor harbourage there might be on your property. For example, we can strim overgrown areas and remove debris. PGM & Son is registered as an Upper Tier waste carrier so we can take away your debris and waste.

We’ll also give you some advice on things you can do to make sure your pesky pest keeps away – for example, securing bin lids and keeping food sources in rodent-proof containers.

If you’ve had a rodent problem, we can clean up the mess for you and make sure the area is sanitised and free from nasty odours.

So if you’re a home-owner, landlord, council or business needing pest control proofing works in Herefordshire call PGM & Son for advice and quote. Email us at or call us on 01981 241334 / 07964 370480 or use the contact us page on the website.



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