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Pests – a Year in Action

No-one will dispute that the last year has been difficult. This week we’re taking a look at what the pest industry has been reporting over the last 12 months.

In March 2020, the British Pest Control Association reported that pest control was critical to sustaining public health during the Covid-19 crisis. The BPCA reported that although pest control workers had gained key worker status in the USA, France, Germany, Italy and other countries, this was not the case in the UK. The BPCA started to lobby Government on behalf of pest controllers.

In the same month, the BPCA urged householders to remain vigilant to pest infestations, following concerns about bin collections during the first lockdown.

In April 2020 the BPCA published survey results showing a significant increase in rat and mice activity during the pandemic. April also saw pest controllers confirmed as having key worker status by George Eustice, Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA).

And, in May, the BPCA urged businesses to think about maintaining pest control during lockdown and why and how fast pests can thrive in closed premises.

Businesses were given advice by the BPCA in June 2020 to be pest ready to re-open after lockdown.

September 2020 saw the BPCA publishing two articles on controlling grey squirrels and preventative advice for squirrel management.

October and November 2020 were all about cockroaches as the heating started to be turned up as we entered Autumn.

And as we entered the Winter months from November through to February 2021, the BPCA reported on rodents, rodent control and avian flu. It also reported on the impact of lockdown on pest control.

Overall, we’ve seen the pest cycle remain broadly similar to normal years. The pest control industry has reported a rise in pest activity which has been exacerbated by factors arising from the pandemic and the lockdown restrictions.

As we head to more normal life again, once thing is for sure – pests management and control will continue to be needed. Wasp season is almost upon us and as we start to see the numbers of wasp related call outs across Herefordshire, it’s a good time to remind Hereford residents and businesses to call your local, reliable wasp control.

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