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Pests in the News Again!


This week, we’re highlighting three important pest stories which have been in the news very recently. We’ve started with the most serious and urge people to read them as they emphasise the importance of pest control.

Investigation into death of child from pigeon infection at Glasgow hospital

Prosecutors are investigating the cause of a 10 year old boy’s death at Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow after he contracted an infection linked to pigeon droppings.

Investigators believe that a fungal infection, which contributed to the boy’s death, was caused by pigeon guano (droppings) found in a plant room on the roof of the hospital.

The hospital now faces a review, ordered by the Scottish Health Secretary. An architect alleged that the design of the hospital was flawed as mechanical ventilation ducts can be gateways for disease and it is alleged that pigeons got in through the vents.

The review will look at the building’s design, commissioning and construction, handover and ongoing maintenance. This is a very sad case and our thoughts and prayers are with the family at this very difficult time.

Whilst we can’t speculate on the outcome of the review, the alleged link to pigeon guano highlights again the serious health risks pests can pose to humans.

Food Hygiene Inspection finds rodent droppings and mouse sighting at Hereford Restaurant. Hereford Council awarded Thai on the Wye in West Street a food hygiene rating of zero following its inspection which found rodent droppings behind the counter in the food preparation kitchen, on the stairs and in the basement food storage area.

A mouse was seen running behind the drinks’ chiller under the serving counter and rotting and gnawed food had gone unnoticed. Fridges, storage containers and other areas were dirty.

The report said “the live rodent infestation posed an imminent risk of injury to health with significant risk of contamination to food products intended for human consumption”.

All too often we come across businesses who either have a blatant disregard for the health and safety of their staff and customers or who say they can’t afford pest control. Well, to the latter we say that you can’t put a price on the health and safety of your customers and staff or your business’ reputation.

And to those who blatantly flout the rules, we say the council should shut them down immediately. And, if the council doesn’t, customers should vote with their feet!

Press reports England fast-bowler Stuart Broad was attacked by bed bugs at hotel. The press carried reports that England bowler Stuart Broad was bitten by bed bugs in the team hotel and was forced to move rooms ahead of the first test in Barbados. It was claimed that several England players resorted to sleeping on mattresses in the hotel’s corridors after the outbreak. It seems like this hotel could benefit from reading our bed bugs and hotels blog which we published at the end of September last year!

Whilst the last story might bring a smile to some lips, these pest reports are all very serious. They highlight the importance of public services and businesses being vigilant in pest identification and taking proactive and preventative measures to ensure the health and safety of their staff, customers and patients is not compromised. Public services and businesses have a legal and moral duty to do the right thing, regardless of the cost. In all three cases, the potential ramifications are almost certain to outstrip the cost of the putting in place appropriate pest management programs in the first place.

We urge all businesses and public services to take note!

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