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Are you experiencing problems with rats during the floods?

During flood conditions rats are more likely to spread disease.


We’re seeing extreme weather conditions this year and, currently, rainfall is causing major problems. Flooding is causing problems across Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, the Midlands and South Wales.

Many Herefordshire residents are facing significant problems with flood waters damaging homes and businesses. Travel around the county is restricted and schools and businesses have been forced to close.

Another issue that comes with flood waters is rats. You may find that rats move into your property to escape the flood waters. As their burrows fill with water, rats need to find alternative accommodation. And, if food sources are destroyed by flooding, rats will seek food elsewhere.

Health experts warn homeowners to take measures to prevent "huge numbers" of rats flushed out by the floods re-establishing themselves.

Did you know rats are strong swimmers and will swim great distances to find a new home?

It’s also important to check outbuildings as storm damage can create the perfect nesting places for rodents.

Flood waters create a health risk to the public. Rat urine contains leptospires which can survive outside the rats’ body for much longer periods in extreme wet weather. The leptospires within the rats’ urine can cause Leptospirosis (commonly known as Weil’s disease).


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