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As the weather takes a turn for the colder and the wind and rain set in, with winter looming sooner than we’d all like, we are already starting to see a rise in calls for rats and mice across the county of Herefordshire and Worcestershire.

As rats and mice begin looking for places to shelter in the warm, we’re advising Herefordshire residents and Herefordshire business owners to keep an eye out for the signs of rats and mice and to take early action to prevent an infestation.

As always, at PGM & Son Pest Control Herefordshire, we encourage people to take proactive steps to reduce access to their properties to rodents by carrying out simple, and often at little cost, preventative measures.

Most of us are never far away from a rat as there are around 10 million rats in the UK!

What to look out for – Top Ten signs you have a rat or mouse problem

  1. Coming in at number one is NOISES. Rats and mice can, and do, make a lot of noise. If you hear scratching, crawling or scrabbling in areas such as your loft, in the kitchen behind appliances in your utility or laundry room, attics and cellars then you may have a rat or mouse problem. Often people report very noisy unwanted guests to us – if your unwanted pest guest is very noisy it is more likely to be a squirrel than a rodent.

  2. At number two, we focus on DROPPINGS. Rat droppings tend to be spindle shaped, blunt droppings around 1½-2cm long for the brown rat and pointed and around 1½ cm long for the black rat. Mouse droppings are similar in shape but much smaller at around ¼ inch.

  3. At number three, its RAT URINE – rat urine has a very strong and distinctive smell.

  4. Next up is GREASY MARKS. Look out for greasy marks on your walls and skirting boards to identify evidence of rats

  5. Another tell tale sign is GNAW MARKS. Both rats and mice chew. They can cause damage to electrical cables and other materials. Rats can chew through even strong materials such a metal pipes. If you spot signs of gnawing or chewing don’t ignore it as it could cause a major problem such as electrical fires.

  6. Just over the halfway point now and spotting signs of POSSIBLE ENTRY POINTS is another sign you may have a rat or mice problem. Look for gaps in your brick work or gaps around pipes and cables which extend to outside your property. Popular entry points are drains so make sure yours are in good order and preferably with drain covers to prevent access.

  7. Following on from gnaw marks, EVIDENCE OF CHEWING. Pieces of cardboard and soft materials which have been chewed may be signs rodents are using these to build nests.

  8. Another popular sign, coming in at number eight is RAT HOLES AND BURROWS AND RAT AND MICE NESTS. A sure fire sign you have a rodent issue.

  9. At number nine we have FOOTPRINTS AND TRACKS another clear sign you have a rat or mice problem.

  10. And finally, at number ten…..RATS AND MICE. If you see them, you’ve got them and you should call in a professional pest controller such as PGM & Son Pest Control to help you eradicate your rodent problem.

Rodent Health Risks

Rodents can pose a serious health risk to humans. Rats carry diseases such as Leptospirosis or Weil's disease, Salmonella, Listeria, Toxoplasma gondii and Hantavirus which can be passed onto humans.

Business owners, especially those operating in the food and hospitality sector are strongly advised to consider a regular pest management program to ensure that they mitigate the risk of rodents spreading infection to customers / the general public. Those operating in the food supply business have a legal duty to manage pests and employers have a legal obligation to keep their employees safe.

The HSS report around 40 cases of Weil’s disease every year. Two types of rat tapeworm spread to humans though eggs found in rat faeces. So it’s something to take seriously.

Don’t panic if you have a rat or mice problem, call PGM & Son Pest Control Hereford on 01981 241334 or 07964 370480 today for advice and solutions. Or visit our website at or drop us an email to:

Don’t let a rodent problem get worse – rats and mice breed rapidly.

Rats become sexually mature in around 3 months. Females may produce 3 to 12 litters of between 6 and 8 young in a year so what may start as a small problem can quickly escalate.

– Call in the professional pest controllers today to sort out your rodent problem -


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