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Support for our British Armed Services

We're proud to be able to support members of the UK Armed Forces community by offering a 10 % military discount to help with your Pest Control needs.

Pest control discount for armed forces throughout Hereford & Worcester

What pest control issues does PGM & SON Pest Control deal with?

· Rats

· Mice

· Cluster flies

· Ants

· Wasps

· Hornets

· Birds

· Squirrels

· Moles

· Fleas

· Bed bugs

· Ladybirds

· Carpet moth

· Woodworm

And more! We can’t list them all here but if you have a pest control problem give us a call and we can help!

Why do Armed Forces need pest control?

Well, like the rest of the British public, we’re in awe of our Armed Forces. We know they’re heroes but even heroes need a hand once in a while – pests don’t discriminate, they’re just as happy living in a soldier’s house as anyone else’s!

We know that our Armed Forces travel to far flung places and often stay in shared accommodation; this makes them more prone to picking up pests and bringing them back home with them. So, the Armed Forces may find they need pest control more than the rest of the population.

And, members of the Armed Forces who are away a lot for long periods of time may not notice a pest problem developing at home. By the time they return to their home they may find that they have a far bigger problem as a result. A pest infestation can take hold pretty quickly and that means that damage to property can also happen quite quickly. And that can be time consuming and costly to fix.


If you are in the Armed Forces then we are giving a 10% military discount for current and former serving armed forces personnel, our way of saying thank you for your service. Call PGM & SON Pest Control Herefordshire and Worcestershire to book an appointment and claim your discount on 01981 540088 or email us



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